Sunday, April 15, 2012

Allen West: 'Screw the TEA Party; Save the GOP'

'Formerly titled

"How  Many Have NOT Gotten the Message Yet?"

I keep hearing about how the establishment GOP screwed Lt Col West. That they pressed the GOP controlled Florida legislature to Gerrymander his seat during redistricting so that his reelection will be much tougher.

What the plan was was to force TEA party members to rally behind one of their favorites. Because the GOP thinks the TEA party members are stupid. And maybe they ARE if they fall for this BS.

Nemesis in comments to my last thread about the new Tweedledum and Tweedledee, forced me to recall how Congressman West caved to pressure and gave away the people's purse to the most cronyist and profligate wastrel who ever sneaked into the White House.

Here is the video courtesy of the Shark Tank.

He explains here that he went with Boehner because a Dem leader seemed happy that they were going to stand up to Boehner on his then plan to hand over the keys to the debt ceiling limit to Bummer.

That meant to West that the Dems wanted to see the GOP split.

Which means that West was now more comfortable with the Republican party than the TEA party. Screw financial sanity, the whole point of the TEA Party.

Shear genius Lt Col. Congressman West! /s

For me it was "case closed" on the reliability of Allen West to the TEA party way back on August 1 of 2011.

WTF is wrong with our side that this is not mentioned every time someone suggests West is a TEA party guy and that he is suitable to be supported by US WHO NO LONGER TRUST THE GOP?


It's a good thing someone remembers fundamental things like the TEA party stands for Taxed Enough Already. As Obama keeps borrowing, WHO THE HELL IS ULTIMATELY GONNA PAY FOR IT?


Please pass this reminder around so that others don't waste any more their money on one of our most disappointing former hopes for this most dear country.

 It wasn't only Nemesis not knowing. It was an email I received asking me to send funds. Here is the top portion of that email. Notice the sponsoring organization.

Please read this important message from Allen West for U.S. Congress.

Dear Fellow Conservative,

I’m Allen West and I’m a principled conservative Congressman from south Florida. The


  1. Thanks for this. I am now including a link to this site with my comments.

    I have been trying to remind everyone of this. I sent my own message of disgust to this political traitor. He hides behind his uniform and his words. He lost because he alienated the TEA movement and broke his primary promise, pure and simple.

    Had he stuck to his guns and to his promises no amount of gerrymandering would have hurt him.

    1. Given his explanation, I think it is more a matter of him not being smart enough rather than him being a traitor. Or he thinks the rest of us are stupid, and there really is good evidence to back up that thought given how many still think he is a good representative of the TEA Party. He sure is bold and brash enough and not likely to be coerced into traitorous actions (like many of us think could be the case with Chief Justice John Roberts).

      Oh, for any who think I'm against Allen West, there is this supportive column I published when he first made headlines when he came under fire while serving in Iraq in 2003.


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