Wednesday, April 25, 2012

God's Condemnation Made Flesh

The overall trend of American government is now out of control of "We the People."

I know there are a great number of people who agree with this assessment. And they are not all Republicans, or republicans or conservatives let alone big and small L libertarians.

What's most alarming is that most of those agreeing with me won't even bother raising an eyebrow.

In such inaction lays the seeds of posterity's condemnation of this generation.

For you God-fearing types: have you ever considered that God Himself resides in your posterity? Hmmm?

An unimportant aside follows after the break.

Yes, I am agnostic. For far too many, that means only one thing. But whatever the misinterpretation is regarding my assertion, I tell you frankly that is a declaration that I do not know. In fact there is far too much of which I do not KNOW. But I'm pretty good at summing up how evidence stacks up and arriving at a conclusion -- which is my opinion. If there is a God, He has made his existence known to only a few people, and we only have their report to believe or not. Also there is natural law that is primarily physics but also contains metaphysical evidence that some people want to discount because it lacks material existence. Love lacks material existence, but we sense it. Same with hatred.

How about joy? It's fleeting and we retain a memory of it that fades with time. Is a memory material, let alone a faint one? Then show it to me if it is. Oh, you may retrieve something from where you had it buried. But that's only evidence that it exists and not proof you actually have something called memory isn't it? Also, I bet you can't do that every time.

One of the things the Bible recounts over and over again is the weakness of mankind. It does that despite the subjects of the stories being great men in other ways. Men at the heads of their governments are constantly shown to be foolish. (Gee, do you suppose that has ANYTHING to do with secular leaders literally trying to wipe out JudeoChristian religions at their very cornerstones with the aid of legions of anti-theistic IRS recognized tax free institutions (political!) trying to eradicate religious institutions via the IRS for fighting political assaults?)

And if you say well, yes, that's self-serving for the theistic organizations who resent secular leadership. But hold on.  The very leaders of the religious institutions are imperfect and the Bible is clear on that too.

Where it is very consistent? In no way does the Bible stand as a testament to people relying upon humanity, no matter how great, to solve all their problems. It asks people to seek goodness and to be grateful for whatever good follows, and to be humbled by the memory of where it eludes them and not mendaciously seek to blame others. And to love God, which is to love life itself. From which follows to seek to love your fellow man as much as yourself.

And that does not mean to be uncritical. I criticize myself more than I criticize others, and I don't criticize others as much as I should, as I did when younger, in part because I've learned humility, but mostly because of Political Correctness.  PC insists you not be critical unless those in charge decide it's a good idea. Which is why I renamed it and it's perpetrators as Political Cowering.  I label its victims both Politically Cowered and Political Cowards; the former before they understand what has been done to them, the latter after they realize it.


  1. John 3:8 "The wind blows where it wishes, and you hear the sound of it, but cannot tell where it comes from and where it goes. So is everyone who is born of the Spirit.”
    Good post.
    Nothing wrong with "agnostic". Translated "Don't know".
    Better than "Don't care."

  2. I find it painful to try and get people to think of these things. Even were there no God, there is still the order of the universe that cannot be denied. Putting off reality with lies only pushes the payments for that reality into the future. It's like shoving out the tides every day for a some period of time. You have much more beach with which to work for that period of time. The price will be paid when the tsunami that we built up inevitably comes in and makes our children pay for our unconscionable actions -- AND inactions.

    I feel only some relief when I put such thoughts down and publish them. Thank you more than you may know.


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