Friday, April 27, 2012

Release the Truth Mr. McFatridge

The video I posted on Wednesday at "Charm" At the EPA has been pulled. Its author, a self-designated "environmentalist," claimed copyright infringement. This was despite the author having previously having labeled it "reuse allowed."

The Daily Caller reports:
The source and now YouTube complainant, David McFatridge of “Citizen Media for We The People,” is an environmentalist and, according to Inhofe’s office, has eliminated all content related to Armendariz’s speech from his YouTube channel.
McFatridge’s complaint comes despite the fact that his page reads, “Consider ALL video Creative Commons Attribution license (reuse allowed)”.
When I first posted the video, it was reading a scant 301 hits. When last I looked it had over 66K hits with no end in sight. 

Apparently when the video was shared within the narrow close-knit "environmentalist" community, they must have chuckled at the tyranny in the name of their cause. Now that their little inside-joke on the rest of us is out in the open, they stopped chuckling. Why hide it unless they now realize how evil the whole scheme was; how in violation of individual rights it is?

Listen Mr McFatridge. You have done the citizens of this republic a great favor. That includes YOU, and it protects you whether you know it or not.

You should read the 8th Amendment. It specifically disallows excessive fines. 
I did not take Mr Armendariz' words literally. But only a fool would doubt that he meant financial crucifixion. 
  • Excessive fines are unconstitutional. 
  • But it takes money to mount a case that would probably have to go to the SCOTUS for the EPA's use of them to be so declared.
  • Big Business can fight such excesses with relative ease. They even get exclusions from the EPA.
  • Little guys, small businesses -- the big guy's competitors -- cannot.
Do you know what this arrangement is called, Mr. McFatridge? Where the big biz winds up getting the government stifling its competitors?

It's called fascism Mr. McFatridge. Are you a fascist or a fascist tool? I would hope not. 

Mr. Armendariz' financial terrorism is short-sighted and not a joking matter. You have helped reveal his thinking openly. Guaranteed that is just the tip of the iceberg at EPA.  Such "ends justify the means" thinking is entirely sophistical. It is specious reasoning in service to selfish goals. The goal is power to force compliance in environmentalist's narrow terms. But it will also lead to the power to place you and those you care about in the gulag.

Raw power is a very dangerous thing Mr. McFatridge. Look at the 150 million murder victims of it in the last century. That is the selfish goal. Are you proud of your small role as its apparatchik? I hope not. You can still choose not to stay on that path you know.

Recognize Mr McFatridge how good a service you provided to liberty before you even knew it. Release your complaint. Let the truth out. Over the long term, you'll be glad you did.

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