Saturday, July 02, 2011

Difficult to Correct the Record

Although I don't include Chris Muir's Day By Day Webtoon strip as many others do, I do appreciate his work. He accomplishes what I aim and often fail at doing: striking concisely to the heart of many issues, and on a very timely  basis.

There have been times in which I spotted small errors in his cartoons. Usually he finds and fixes them himself. Good thing too because I've searched before for his email address and have not been able to find it.

Today I spotted a very clear reference error in the following that I'm sure Mr. Muir would like to fix. But again I could not find his email address.

But what is found on Lady Liberty's tablets is not "innocent until proven guilty" but the date (in Roman numerals) of the signing of the Declaration of Independence.

I would bet that Mr. Muir confused Lady Liberty with Lady Justice, who, with her blindfold, implies that nobody is guilty until she weighs the evidence on her scales.

I had asked one mutual friend if he had Mr. Muir's email, but I had not heard back. As this is a long weekend, and I felt this error needed to be corrected before too much time had passed, I decided that this post was the surest way left to me to reach Mr. Muir. I'll be happy to delete the post once the problem has been addressed or my misunderstanding has be set aright.

***Update*** 7/3/11 9:30 AM

Thanks to Og and GuyS I have Mr. Muir's email address. Og told me he sent an email for me yesterday, but I went and did it myself just a few minutes ago.

I've a question for you all, including Mr. Alger.
Is it my imagination, or did the following small block of icons, the first being the email contact to Mr Muir, appear for the first time today under the strip at his site?



  1. There should be a contact link at DBD.


  2. I agree there should. I'd appreciate it if you could point it out Mark. :)

  3. I think he's in touch with Steve H. Graham at and his e-mail is steve at, I believe.

  4. I sent you an email regarding this. It should answer all your questions.

  5. Thanks all. See my update.

    Is it my imagination, or did a small block of icons, the first being "email Chris", appear for the first time today under the strip at the Day By Day site?

    If it is new, then I guess Og or someone else reached him, if not then I have ANOTHER reason to remain humble.

    However, "A Priori" still attributes "innocent until proven guilty" to Lady Liberty. That still isn't correct.

  6. I was thinking of the Statue of Liberty, not Lady justice,actually, in a general way of America and what she stands for. I recalled some writing on her tablet, but didn't look it up, so got that wrong.

    Ah,well! And thanks, Pascal!

  7. Thanks for the explanation Chris. I find it acceptable.

    I presumed you were aiming to connect the story to American values, particularly at this time of year. You implied your version from liberty itself, and not from Justice's blindfold. Either implication works,but my solution would erase your intent, so perhaps yours is better despite the the explicit error.

    Like you said -- "ah well." You appear quite ready to bat back any reactions from more noxious critics. Good luck.

  8. Sorry I didn't respond earlier. Church all day.


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