Thursday, July 21, 2011

List of and Answers to Statist Lies?

Is there a reliable and constantly updated site for reviewing and providing responses to Statist Lies?

Why not?

There are individual commentaries provided daily by various institutions like That is somewhat educational. But even there we have weak tea as well as SKUNC contributors.

Is there a daily list of lies as promulgated by the Agency of Lies, maybe including the number of instances that a lie is repeated and by what outlets?

And for each lie, is there a list of the sources that provide education for unraveling those lies?

What I'm looking for is a source or number of sources that provide everything from quips to deeper and better documented rejoinders to the lies of commission and omission, half truths, dissembles and disingenuous commentaries.

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  1. Excellent point.
    One of the lies that goes unanswered too often is "GWB was selected, not elected."


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