Friday, July 29, 2011

Welcome Back TrueblueNZ -- On Fallout from Norway

After two months absence, the blogger known as Redbaiter, has returned. Time and again I find he sees things much as I do. The biggest difference between us has been that he writes about the issues I care about so much more often, and he stays on subject and gets to the point too.

His reopening broadside, The Left — History Warns That They Will Kill Us All, demonstrates how he is one of the few who sees and is willing to call out the death cult of the Left as I've been doing for decades. The following are excerpts.
Unsurprising to see the usual leftist scum, as a result of a psychopath’s actions in Norway, calling for the same thing they always do, the silencing of opposing points of view. They need to do this at every chance, and they can’t let an opportunity like the murder of scores of their ideological soul mates be wasted....

...They must force their critics into silence.

And if people cannot be so forced, they must be eliminated. Examples- the [100] millions killed by communists last century. Killed because they could not be persuaded to believe in the same sick ideology that the left believes in....

...The man who shot the socialists in Norway was a coward. He killed unarmed defenceless people. But in his psychotic need to kill those whom he disagreed with politically he demonstrated a mental kinship with the left, not the right.

The left have always been killers. Stalin. Mao. Pol Pot....

...The left’s shreiking attempts to silence critics using the Norway killings as an argument is contemptible on two levels. One, the stark hypocrisy demonstrated by disavowing the left’s bloodthirsty history, and two, in attempting to turn the deaths of their comrades into a means of political advantage....

...Barack Obama’s mentor Bill Ayer’s strategy to kill 25 million Americans so the left can institute in the US the same old totalitarianism as they did in the Soviet Union and Cambodia and China....

...There is a lesson that history is struggling to teach us. Never allow the left ultimate power. Its an outcome that leaves the country side littered with piles of skulls, mass graves, and starved and caged citizens....

These people have no moral restraint.... Just like Anders Breivik killed in Norway, you know too today’s left would kill us all if they are ever given the power and the opportunity. You’d have to be blind to history to not know it.
As is typical of much of what I write, I took out the various examples that supports the conclusions that Redbaiter arrived at. That's because I already know how monstrous are our enemies, and I want to get directly to the threat. It needs to be repeated by many more so that our next generation of leaders are not afraid to address the threats.

To be better informed, please read the rest of RB's excellent returning essay. But to be fired up by the danger, return here to be reminded of his dire conclusions with which I sadly concur.

Welcome RB back. We need him adding to and building up the editorial foundations of the new Fourth Estate.

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