Sunday, July 03, 2011

Ripping Off the Blinders Is Rarely Easy

A friendly comment meant to alleviate my worries over the advance of the Statists was offered me by Towering Barbarian at Belmont Club's The Seven Second Solution:
“The pettiness with which his colleagues [Joe Scarborough et al.] betrayed him [Mark Halperin] is mixed news. It bothers me that they’ve become the sort of people who would do this thing to one another, I consider it more worthy of a reality show like “Survivor” than real life, but on the other hand the fact that their infighting has become that vicious suggests not only a house divided but a house divided beyond the point of repair. I don’t think many of the “Survivor” casts would do very well in the real world so that does say interesting things about the future of the Left. ^_^” 
This triggered in me what I hope is a good explication of the Sustainability movement's new morality and its threat to human civilization as we, truly on the right, wish to countervail.

Once you understand the Sustainability mindset, believing that the Left will simply go off and disappear is not a good thing. If the meaning of a scorched earth doctrine does not mean much to you now, it will; they are not planning on going alone.

Stalin hunted down the leftest of the Left, Trotsky, because he outlived his usefulness. The Left is so unthinking each figures it can’t be them. They remind me of those in the gulag who went to their deaths muttering “if Stalin only knew.” So what if the Left is filled with innumerable useful idiots, maybe even in greater percentage that we witness on MSNBC. They have been the squeaky wheels and shock troops who provided motive for the Statists to ratchet up their power, but become dead weight and a threat once that power is achieved. That kind will never learn.

But the Left still has its nihilists, misanthropes, and variety of others that are too obscure to include here and now. It is they who would aim to take you out with them. And that all is in the planning of the Sustainability nuts whose morality is not the live and let live of the rest of us.

Towering Barbarian, once one recognizes that there are people in power who really do believe themselves superhuman, and that all the rest of humanity is worth less than them, one undergoes a paradigm shift in understanding how big the threat really is. Because the moral code of these supermen most likely evaluates you less than the latest strain of antibiotic resistant strep.

The Left is not the whole or even the primary threat. And I think you even see that in that you think they are on the wane. Yes they are, but for the Stalin/Trotsky reason. The primary threat is the Statists for whom the Left has been extremely useful. See: they are neither Left nor Right, but for themselves. Sure they proclaim themselves Left or Right, but it really only provides them a facade, in a wolf in sheep's clothing way. Like the Progressives chose their label to hide their regressive intentions for the rest of humanity.

The rest of us are merely raw material with which they wish to play until they’re done with us. We cannot fight them if we refuse to see them for what they really are.

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