Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Defeat the Bleat, Beat the Heat

Defeat the Bleat,
Beat the Heat,
Cheat the Elite,
Their deathist fete.
Tips for cooling those endangered by high heat and humidity.
Quickest and cheapest;  
  • put the afflicted in a tub of cool water. Any temperature below 98.6° may not feel that relieving, but it can save a life. Intermittent showering can help too, but it's just as confining, and tiring, and wastes too much water.

Other, less confining methods.
  • Apply and remove wet towels or washcloths to the afflicted, especially to the scalp. A fan that would not work under dry conditions will amplify evaporation of water so applied, and will increase the cooling effect via latent heat of evaporation (even at 99% humidity conditions) that speeds up because of the moving air.
  • Apply rubbing alcohol to the body, especially the scalp -- in a well ventilated area and if you can tolerate the vapors.
  • Run a fan slowly over a bowl of ice and sit downwind. The slower, the longer the air is in contact with the ice so that it can become cooler. Be prepared to get wet no matter the speed of the fan. In high humidity, as the air cools, the water it contains condenses out. Like fog.
  • Rig one or more ice-cube trays by wire from above and run the fan slowly past this poor-man's heat exchanger and sit downwind. Catch the drippings with a pan below the trays.  Freeze another set of cubes while these melt. You'll need to add some mesh to the open side of the ice-cube trays to keep them in their slots until depleted. Maybe some window-screening. The more ice trays you have, the more surface area that the air comes in contact with, and the cooler it gets, and so the faster you can run the fan. Be prepared to get wetter. Have towels handy. LOL. But you will get cooler.
What prompted this?

The Salem Broadcasting flagship station in Los Angeles, KRLA, broadcasts news on the hour as provided by CBS. Somehow, when the "conservative" hosts come back on air, they never point out the lies of commission or omission, or the dissembling, or the disingenuousness, or the rank stupidity passed off as wisdom essentially on their shows. No time for them to think and include that in their programming you could say? Are our "conservative" talkshow hosts that bad they can't think on their feet. Your meant that they can't operate without a script just as a certain cretin at the highest levels can't speak without a teleprompter?

Well, yesterday really angered me.

Heard on the news was a moaning and gnashing of teeth about the first heat wave of the summer.
We're told of 116° heat index in DC.
We're told of how some doctor in Michigan said that fans are of no use in high heat and humidity.
We're told that many people will die, particularly the elderly.

Nowhere in this litany of death watching, and excuse to bring up the AGWF (anthropogenic global warning fraud), was there a single suggestion of how to avoid death from overheating.

You useless POS media Agency of Lies. HERE is what you could have included in your newscast as a public service. It would have taken another two seconds of air time!

"A doctor in Michigan said that fans are of no use in high heat and humidity -- but immersion in a tub of water can save lives."

Why not CBS news? Your TV affiliate in Los Angeles did earlier in July as part of a promotional deal to watch their show. Do you want people to die? I think more people in America are becoming wise to why you won't answer the question truthfully.

We can hear your answer, you elitist pigs.
"Well, a few deaths will help promote the AGWF. As our father, Vladimir Lenin said, 'you gotta break a few eggs to make an omelet.' You know the drill."
Yeah. I do. You bloody bastards.

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