Monday, July 11, 2011

A Tragic Loss for Two Generations

More on this in coming days. Expect a new and controversial series.

These are posted under fair-use for purposes of commentary. They are part of the movie "Song of the South" that Disney Corporation refuses to put out in DVD. That refusal has been because the PC crowd has labeled it raciss.

These cartoon vignettes were based on the most famous work of anthropologist Joel Chandler Harris, Uncle Remus: His Songs and His Sayings. The stories are thousands of years old and were intended to teach children to be wary of the behavior of scheming adults.

Today the kids instead are taught -- and adults were taught -- Occam's Razor and Hanlon's Razor. These full scale denials eradicate a good portion of how we once taught vital lessons to the young. Instead, they are taught
  • to throw out the thought that people would ever scheme. 
  • That people never weave a tangled web to cover their deceits. 
  • And they only make innocent mistakes.

But these stories may well be the source of Heinlein's Razor. "Don't rule out malice," because the malevolent, they lay low.

Many thanks to Og for his aid in finding these.

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