Wednesday, July 27, 2011

When Obama Uses Monies for HIS Pet Programs, He's Toast

Look, all these plans that John Boehner keeps floating are a financial disaster for the country anyway.

Continue to hang tough conservative House members.

While the MSM Agency of Lies continues to carry the Democratic Slave Party's water, the country will  understand what you're doing is preventing a much worse catastrophe down the road.

And if Obama decides to dole out funds to his abominable programs passed over the last two years INSTEAD of to long term obligations as he is obligated to do under law and the constitution, he has stepped over the line.

Do not let the Statist elements in your own party and in business -- basically fascist forces similar to those of last century that brought on untold suffering for humanity -- to break your resolve and your promise to the vast TEA Party silent majority.

The President and the Senate cannot spend on those abominable, budget busting programs alone.
  • Fundings such as for Czars and their offices not authorized or reviewed by Congress. 
  • Such as the continue bleeding setting up Obamacare when there are other traditional obligations that by right of having been passed with bipartisan support (unlike Obamacare) that have to come first. 
  • Force Obama to cut his extra funding to departments such as the EPA 
    • for instance which is going out of its way to cut jobs by it's over-regulating as never before 
    • it's simply asserting controls on CO2 emissions despite even Obama's Slave Party Congress not being able to pass Cap and Trade in 2010.
    • Let Obama to raise taxes despite his Slave Party Congress refusing to do it in 2010
  • And what about to all the $100 billions of stimulus funds that Obama still has not spent?

There are a whole series of monies for Obama's extreme Leftwing programs that will piss off his extremist base when he is forced to back away from being a dictator.
Or let him try to declare up front that "I AM dictator" as some crazed Lefties think is wise (by abusing the 14th Amendment).

Come on conservatives. If Obama wishes to make extra-constitutional moves because he refuses to compromise honestly, LET HIM try.

The constitutional crisis Obama brings on is then of his own volition, nobody else is the cause.

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