Friday, July 29, 2011

Sequestered Stimulus Funds, Part II

I asked at other sites, but particularly at the Belmont club, what I asked in part I of this series:
Of the trillions of dollars in stimulus funds that Obama requested, where are the billions he has sequestered and still not spent?

With [a good deal of] all that money still out there, this “crisis” sure appears to be a fraud.
Agoraphobic Plumber answered @ 27
"I understand your sentiment, but the very fact that all that money is gone should be a crisis in its own right, yes?"

The uncertainty of it all is the big danger. Nobody knows what’s going down, the stakes are huge, and Obama is in charge.

Doesn’t sound like a fraudulent crisis to me. YMMV

Egads, what a fine answer, especially for building a response to it by taking it in reverse order:
  • Manufactured for political gain makes it fraudulent. 
  • Obama is in charge is why nobody knows what's going down, and the stakes are huge, and  uncertainty is the big danger.
  • Who says all the money is gone? The White House? And their trustworthiness is a foregone conclusion exactly why? Again with the peeing in our ears and telling us it's only raining.

Look here at this link: Despite Obama’s Repeated Claims That Enacting $787-Billion Stimulus Was Urgent, 78 Percent of Money Remained Unspent by End of Fiscal 2009 Says Federal Auditing Agency. That is the best I've been able to find so far -- November 2009 -- wherein the White House was confronted on its sequestering funds it had been earlier claiming it needed right away. All those "shovel ready jobs" that needed funding.

Now here it is 18 months later and the same honor guard is claiming we're facing yet ANOTHER crisis if it does not get what it wants, and on its terms, not anybody else's.

What form of TEA party conservatives are we that we are willing to take the word of His Honorableness that this "crisis" is not of his making because he needs crises so as not waste such opportunities? With Rahm gone, he simply follows what Rahm explained to him works, and his lacking of his own brain power makes him appear to be far less competent. The marionette is flopping around without his old buddy pulling his strings.

This is why the TEA Party members in the House of Representatives cannot buy the Boehner kabuki dance nor the McConnell giving away the conservative position even before it was yet formed. Nor can the rest of us afford to do so.

The Establishment GOP has been proven to be less than trustworthy since the days of Hillary Clinton and her staff rifling through raw FBI files. Establishment GOP leaders act like they have too much baggage that the opposition knows about. Their fear is so palpable daily that it shows in every TV appearance and in every utterance. But saying so is suddenly PC? This is sickening.

Wretchard and Roger Simon and the rest of PJM: If you at all have dreams of vanguarding our next LEGITIMATE Fourth Estate, how about putting some journalistic resources to the test and use the Freedom Of Information Act to get to the truth.  
Where are the missing and unaccounted for Stimulus funds that are yet unspent for Fiscal year 2011 and 2012? 
Like Obama has all along been sequestering those funds for vote buying and manufacturing in late 2012. Has nobody here yet learned the lessons (history and history in the making) of Mugabe and Chavez voting patterns? Goddamitall.

Wretchard: I made a joke of Van Jones words when you used them for your post title a few weeks ago, when I translated those words by borrowing from another cultural reference. "Who Stole the Cheese" seemed far more suitable. So now I say, in all earnest,  "We know who is hiding the cheese and demanding we furnish him more. Expose it."

Get that knowledge. Why is nobody making a stink about those unaccounted and unspent funds? The Democratic Slave Party sure would if the shoe was on the other foot. That is one heck of a place to make a dent in the deficit spending and maybe forestall any such crisis. You think, or isn't anybody here capable of advanced thought such as maybe this WH is as full of it regarding its financial accounting as it is about it's political posturings.

Jeesh Belmont Clubbers conservatives throughout the world: Is this question too PC for anybody else to touch? Eh, Wretchard?

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  1. Not only was a lot of the $787 Billion Stimulus funds not spent because a lot of the projects were "not as shovel-ready as he thought," but MUCH of the TARP and Stimulus funds have been repaid, with interest.

    GM and Chrysler both have returned their received loans, early, and government has sold much of their GM stock and all their Chrysler stock for as much as they are going to get, albeit at a loss.

    Also the BIG BANKS have paid back their loans early so as to get out from under the thumbs of the government.

    So a LOT of money spent has been returned. That, in addition to the unspent money, the repaid money is still in the hands of the government. Where is all this money? -- that is the 100-Billions dollar question.

    One thing for sure, it has not been returned to us taxpayers. And where is the accounting? And the accountability? We need to know, and have a right to know, before we cough up more money.

    And why isn't that returned money used to pay down the debt?


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