Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Little Man Takes Over

This morning Dennis Prager says "Men NEED sex because sex is the ONLY way men know they're loved." Does that include when he purchases it?

This sometimes reasonable spokesman for old fashioned morality has continued to decline in my eyes. I don't think he can go down much lower. Particularly when he pronounces that his opinion of his "needs" applies to all men universally. How conveeeenient! </churchlady>

I've forgotten how many times This defender of marriage has been divorced twice. It is becoming pretty clear that his divorces are related to how often he thinks he's loved. When his temporal expectations are not met, I guess he considers that ALL prior commitments (and vows) are off.


  1. Wow. Dennis Prager said this? Just ... wow.

    I would have thought someone of his calibre would have tempered his desires by now.

    A need is something you can't live without (as in die of starvation due to lack of food or die of exposure due to lack of warmth or die from drowning due to lack of oxygen).

    ...and the idea that some mens desires are sooooo strong they can't help themsleves is total crap: on the one hand its an excuse to have sex with a woman he shouldn't have AND show how virile he is at the same time.

    Win win!!!

    Sorry, doesn't fit in the 'need' category. It fits in the 'want' category very nicely. yessirree... definately a big want, thats for sure.

    He's got his definitions all mixed up on this one.

  2. Sad to say, but I fear this is another example of why radio talk show hosts are unreliable. Dennis has been in the company of power brokers at the decadent higher levels (who use his influence peddling) too long.

    He can always reform in another of ways and attempt to influence society for the good. But I've noticed he has made his words and lectures -- even those that appear on regular commercial radio, and thus he's been paid for already -- behind a pay barrier -- small, but considerable on a item by item basis and also by potential volume. So it looks like he's aiming to cash in before the rot behind his facade blows his credibility with more of his fans.

  3. "So it looks like he's aiming to cash in before the rot behind his facade blows his credibility with more of his fans. "

    Sadly, promiscuity is both short sighted and selfish. There are consequences for repeating foolish habits - especially if you are in the 'thought' trade.

    Anyone who has lived and has had a serious relationship or two realizes the degree of damage that happens to someone... anyone... in a breakup of the relationship when things have gotten to a very... umm... personal level.

    For him not to understand this stikes me as odd considering what a fine mind he has (I respect him greatly).

    ...and I agree: for him to ignore the consequences of his previous actions and continue in that behavior is a moral rot that can easily skew and and eventually unbind his finely honed wisdom. I have known people who have fallen off the path of wisdom grew more foolish as they got older.

    Quite sad.


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