Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Spilt Blood that Could Not Be Colder: Holder Bolder

I am repeatedly hearing in comments and on the radio “AG Holder probably did not deliberately intend to kill Americans.” about his operation Fast and Furious under project Gunwalker. This is how the BATF and Justice Department and Obama administration want it to play. It's in their claim that all they wanted to do was save lives. Yeah, right. It's the old familiar sophistic plea that the ends justify the means.

If the dextrosphere falls silent on this, and lets the AOL sell that equivocation to your neighbors, we Americans are in for a world of hurt. They WILL disarm you.

Stop. Repeating. That. Lie.
 Do not let Holder get away with this slippery disingenuousness. Given what BATF officials have said, the whole scandal is literally Stalinesque.

The BATF officials are on record repeating Stalin's cynical words “you have to break a few eggs to make an omelet.” And from sworn reports by several agents whose careers, if not their lives, were put in jeopardy by blowing the whistle, that disregard for innocent life got repeated all along the chain of command.

It’s further disingenuous to divert the argument from legitimate charges of criminal negligence to one of intentionally aiming to kill Americans. What the AOL keeps hiding from public view is that criminal disregard for innocent human life HAS CLEARLY been entered into the evidence.

The BATF officials (and maybe it will turn out it began in the White House if there is any of full disclosure) would made such a cavalier statement for only one rotten (even if it were stupid) reason. It was to make it clear to his underlings that he really did mean for them to carry out his orders.

The topmost government official should be brought up on charges for making such a cavalier observation. It was despite, and in response to, pleas from BATF agents that the risk to American lives would be greatly increased.

This is a smoking gun.  The reason for the ever increasing power sought by and given to BATF is to protect the public. His job is allegedly to protect lives, yet his attitude is was "endanger lives if it aids us in getting more power AND we can get away with it." The ends — reducing risk to lives — was used to justify a means that increased risk to lives. Hence: "You have to break a few eggs to make an omelet."

This is not simply malfeasance, it is deliberate malfeasance. It’s the functional equivalent of deliberately intending to kill Americans because it will prove that guns are deadly. This is beyond "Duh," it is the appearance of duh in order to beg forgiveness and still get the powers you crave.

Hence saying “AG Holder probably did not deliberately intend to kill Americans.” is not simply a lie, it is sophistry with the intent to defraud, and as is most common, it is for personal gain.

This is a principal reason that sophistry always has had a bad name, going back to the time of Socrates as told by Plato. Sophists always spin to have it both ways. Holder’s spinners are trying to make it seem that his deliberate sophistic thinking was not deliberately sacrificing innocent lives. But his actions were deliberate. And now he’s hiding behind “I meant well” so that he is still seeking to take guns out of the hands of innocent civilians. This is how all the AOL is playing Holder's tune. And it is also how the Brady people and the rest of that ilk are battling this scandal on behalf of both BATF and Holder.

Call out this sophistry for what it is. It's time that the products of the decrepit American school system learned to recognize sophistry so that they can fight it.

If your humble host, himself a product of the rotten NYC school system, can come to know and recognize sophistry, anybody can learn about it and fight it.

Sophists HATE truth as cockroaches hate the light. Shed more light on operation Fast and Furious and hold Holder accountable. His removal from power is long overdue.

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