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Boehner: Shame of OH8? For WHAT?

Politicians often must go through any number of contortions to do their job.

The current Congress came into being because of the excesses of the last one.

Yet the leadership in this Congress appears to be constantly on the run rather than on the offensive as if the last public opinion poll that matters -- the elections of 2010 -- did not happen.

This morning, on Fox New Sunday, John Boehner sounded like a man possessed.
With his self-imposed deadline for releasing a deficit plan before overseas markets open just a few hours away, House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) said both sides were “not there yet" and pushed for a two-stage debt-limit vote.

“I would prefer to have a bipartisan approach to solve this problem,” Boehner said on Fox News Sunday. “If that's not possible, I and my Republican colleagues are prepared to do this alone. Today.”
  [emphasis added] -- 'The President’s Worried About His Next Election'
But what was it he appeared to be possessed with? Shamelessness in chasing after being accepted by those he is supposed to be fighting! This following is how I see it shaping up.

There is nothing spent in the last congress that the Left will allow to be cut, and the public is daily harangued by the Agency of Lies to forget that is WHY we have the new congress.We are told it is the new Congress, and the "wet behind the ears" TEA party members who are recalcitrant. But it is Obama and the Democratic Slave Party controlled Senate that will not budge, abetted by the old line GOP SKUNCs, personified by Mitch McConnell, and recently joined by Tom Coburn.1 It most definitely not the TEA party members who were sent to Congress to try and reverse all that the dictators did from 2009-2010.

It is surely looking like the fix has long been in with Boehner and that his long dance has only been for show. With McConnell, it was already clear that he was going to be going with (note my pun) the Gangue of Six even when he said he wasn't. What a sham!

It was the use of the word gang again. Every time something is touted by a "gang," the patriot is right to sense that there's a conspiracy to defraud afoot. Especially because the left and the media are ever so gay about it.

That gay metaphor comes from a scene that I vaguely recall from some movie. It could be La Cage Aux Faux or Victor Victoria.  Nathan Lane or Robert Preston would sniff that some straight guy appears "not to be as sophisticated as I thought." The object of desire failed to appreciate the compliment Lane had  bestowed upon him by the very proposition he rebuffed.

So it is with the Left and the Statists and the media (please forgive the redundancy, but there still is a widespread illusion that these are independent groups not all tied to the same yokes). Anyone who is not in step with them is simply not sophisticated2 enough to be worth even a nod of recognition. The bigotry in the United States could never ever been this shameless before (the very number the bigots exclude makes them so monstrous) nor so widely entrenched in every aspect of our government.

So it appears to be with Mr. Boehner. We are at the brink of a major political collapse unless we in the TEA Party can make him and a few more understand the gravity. And his conduct seems utterly shameless. His chasing after approval of the influence peddlers who mislead like Pied Pipers instead of his standing firm on principles against the further destruction of our economy and of our republic. And that is if Mr. Boehner is STILL capable of feeling shame and so will fight back against this onslaught into which he is displaying every sign of caving.

And it is not that I don't understand. I truly do. Here it is. The Left and the media won't grant credit to Boehner for being sophisticated (on their terms, not his if he has a sense of that as a good gamesman should), and he's running after them:
"Oh, but I am. I am sophisticated. Really I am." cries John Boehner.
"Give me another chance! PuhlEEEEEze"

And if I were living in Ohio in Congressional District 8, I surely would feel the shame for supporting such a weak and shameless pussy all these years.

1This is yet another instance where we are witnessing the traitorous nature of former stalwarts. Liken this to the First Triumvirs of ancient Rome (Crassus, Pompey and Caesar) who suddenly revealed themselves to be against the republic by supporting the demagogue of the oligarchs. Tom Coburn has dropped his façade. Newt Gingrich went long ago. Who is going to be next? Jim DeMint? Sarah Palin?

2There is now an omnipresent haughtiness. There is this bigotry, flaunted by the Left and Statists, against those who do not sign on to their vision, the noblesse oblige, to eradicate this republic. Patriots are simply unsophisticated.

This provides one of the perfect examples where sophistication has both its roots and its full maturity simultaneously exposed. Its roots are pure sophistry and so it should be no surprise that its disingenuousness would lead to an adulterated paradise -- like utopia was ever anything but "no place." Those who seek sophistication should not be surprised they have nothing but ash in their mouths when they arrive at their final destination.

How many have warned these fools? How many of the fools think that the results of their efforts will be different? Here is why education has been destroyed. Whom but ignorant sheeple would allow themselves to be misled to their doom? Played for suckers so that a handful of madmen could play at being gods for some miniscule years such as are 3 score and ten.

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  1. Did you see the CSPAN video Denninger posted of Coburn? He was pointing out that both Böhner's bill and Reid's bill are NOT cuts in the budget. This is half an hour long, including a bit of back and forth with the Fastboat Hero senator:


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