Monday, May 02, 2011

Yes Bummer is That Petty

I've gotten negative feedback about my NAILer post of early today.

Look. I'm sorry, but I know everyone with half a brain cell knows that the timing of Bummer's commandeering of the air waves at the time he did, for news that could wait and not require such a drastic act, was political payback to Donald Trump (even if it hurt the programs on all other networks too).

Yet how many this morning called him on it?

It is another instance where we see the emperor's new clothes syndrome at play. Years of implanting submissive behavior through political cowering has indeed yielded up vast numbers of political cowards.

And if this were a movie, most of you reading this, and a great many of the people you know, would recognize what Bummer did without waiting for Sean Connery to finish explaining it.

Simply put: WE KNOW BUMMER IS THAT PETTY. Yes, it is frightening -- and ought to be -- that he carries the codes to the nuclear football.

Dammit folks, call him on his pettiness while you still have the liberty. Force the alleged top public servant to tone it down. If he has any sense that has not been overwhelmed by his ego, he may just begin to hear you.

Don't deny that he IS that petty. Call him on it. As relentlessly as the NAILers mess with your head.

Essentially people: Tell Bummer to grow up.

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