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Mitt Romney So Lacks Courage to be President That We Need a New Press

Straight up, so far as I know, this is something only I remember, as none of the few people I've told about this recall it. But I remember it strongly. I remembered it from just before I had anything but good feelings about Mr. Romney.  However, what I'm going to tell you does not undermine only a Romney candidacy. I will be clearer when I get done.

Mr. Romney ran against Ted Kennedy in the 1994 race for U.S. senator from Massachusetts. In October the pollsters had Mr. Romney in the lead by some margin that I do not recall. It was reported that the momentum favored Mr. Romney, and he appeared on track to defeat the scandalous old bird.

And then a funny thing happened. I do not recall exactly what it was that I saw televised. It was some time around Oct 20, 1994 -- a press conference, or a debate, or a campaign stop, whatever. What is on my mind is this:
  • Mr. Romney was behind a bunch of microphones and speaking. 
  • What came out of his mouth was very incoherent and his body language was edgy.
  • He spoke like a man who'd had a stroke, or was frightened out of his mind. 
  • I saw it in a newscast in Los Angeles about the campaign in MA.
  • If it did happen, surely there are many from MA who remember this too.
  • I'd heard him speak before, and since, and I've never heard him like that again.
At any rate, he subsequently lost. Having faith in my memory, I think Kennedy won heavily with over 55%.

What Mr. Romney's performance suggested to me shortly after the election was "here is a man who was made an offer he could not refuse."

So it was my near instant conclusion that someone literally scared him into blowing his appeal to MA voters in that race. Furthermore, it is apparent that whomever or whatever caused him to do what he did, they or it did not trouble him in later races. Maybe he learned how to control whatever it was, or maybe he'd proven to them that he was a controllable asset. In either case, such a man is not one I'd ever want as president

But what about you? If you could see that event as I saw it, I would think you'd have to lie to yourself not to arrive at the same conclusion.

Okay, this is where you come in. Does anybody reading this recall this event too? Or might anyone you know recall it? I'd love to hear from you.

More importantly, it is something that only us on the web are likely to bring to light.  How could such evidence have been allowed to fade into history? At the least it demonstrates -- again -- how incompetent has become the American institution that has been granted access to gather news and disseminate it. More troubling is that the media seems never to have been interested in shedding light on most dark political practices of which we catch only a glimpse from time to time. It is as if they deliberately spark all sorts of speculative conspiracy theories to fill the gap so that they can tear down the wildest of them and thereby never address real ones. However many events that the press has not uncovered, it seems to have served the purpose of power seekers. Look at how much power they have gained and how defeated are our famed checks and balances. Haven't you come to understand how this game is played already? Yet even though their shrinking audience proves that they have become widely untrusted, the NAILers still keep on pounding away so that America still believes lies or half truths. It is as if Joseph Goebbels never died. 

Hence it is highly unlikely that, were we to ask them, the NAILers would be forthcoming with archival footage that would back up what I am recalling for you about Mitt Romney.

So it's going to have to come from us. The recounting will have to by multiple eye witnesses to an event that happened more than 16 years ago. Who else remembers that crazy performance by Mr. Romney?

One other more reliable evidence may be available to us. One or more Americans may have the footage on their old VCR video tapes. If someone has it, PLEASE, as a public service, convert it to video that can be spread around the web.

Now it is fair to ask: "OK Pascal. Let's assume the sad footage you are recalling is found, and it does convince America that Mr. Romney is unworthy. How can we know if many or even all of the other front running candidates are not as bad or worse than Mr. Romney?"

We don't and we can't as things now stand. And that is the point of this effort. The younger Mr. Romney was probably as much a victim of the shadowy forces that control our politics as the rest of us have been at least over the last 20 years and probably much longer. Gathering the evidence that proves my conclusions is not really about the small consequence of putting an end to Mr. Romney's run. It is about exposing the bigger picture of how dangerous to our liberties are those who control the news.

Already so many of us trust little that the NAILers have produced except for their having the resources to gather facts. And we trust (heh) that they then suppress those facts they do not like. We have got to replace the entire institution that gathers and provides us news so we can make informed decisions.  We need a new and reliable institution -- and already much of the web is infested with those who control the old media. So we need to be vigilant. We need more trustworthy people. We need untouchables. I do not know how we can get them, but I'd like to inspire others to try. Someones with money, courage and pull.

Lenin's take-over of press and radio has been described as fundamental in his building of The Evil Empire. Our Statists have done the same to all forms of communication here. The long time suppression of this video so that Mr. Romney is still a major candidate, really does prove how bad they have been for our republic. I think its suppression -- "move along, nothing to see here" -- is so glaring that it could really kick off something which many know that we direly need -- the total replacement of the Fourth Estate,

More anon.

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