Friday, May 13, 2011

Remedial Training for Americans

Ever the optimist, I have faith that it is not too late. Where there is life there's hope (and when Obamacare is discarded for its unconstitutionality, you may still be permitted to preserve your life without the approval of misanthropes in DC).

Anyway, thanks to a quip by the irrepressible Tam (and then thanks to the tip by Kevin Baker) I put together the first of a set of slides for a hypothetical PowerPoint presentation.

Derived from an observation Tam put in a nutshell. Click to enlarge.

I would hope others who think positively will create their own slides for "math" (or comparative logic) lectures such as this. Surely there are other quips that could be put together for other subjects. Let's hear ideas from the rest of you. (Or don't as one of my pessimistic fans relentlessly tells me you will not.)

You could pour thousands of your extra dollars each year into public education and never expect the educational professionals to offer lectures such as this. All you need do here is place your ideas into the hopper and hope others build on it as I did with Tam's. My version of Tam's quip may be seen as lame by many, but at least I'm trying to do something more. Do your part or finally admit that all you are doing is griping to those who already think as you do.

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