Thursday, May 05, 2011

"They're Too Stupid to Beat 'Em"

A pessimistic friend of mine mocked my efforts at trying something different -- like putting my money where my mouth is a second time (he -- er, not so much) -- simply to provide an incentive for you individual snarkers out there to publicize your snarks and zingers and sound ideas rather than railing in an empty room at nincompoops trying to look presidential on the TV tonight. (Fox News Channel, 9 PM EDT)

My friend, after reading

$200 to TEApartiers Who Beat the GOP Candidate in Debate

responded with the following dismissal:  "You can't buy spontaneity."

Sounds like a communist. However, from all reports, he is known as a hard worker. I'm absolutely sure his being offered a bonus never added a bit of zip to his efforts in his life. NOT. LOL.

Folks. My friend has got to be the most pessimistic curmudgeon whose acquaintance I've ever had the pleasure of acquiring. Help me prove him wrong.

Help me publicize this contest so that we can get at least 500 different entrants made up of individuals or groups of individuals. I figure that number is what is needed to come up with maybe ten really good comments that would show our wannabe rulers what real leaders ought to be saying and trying to get done and putting the MSM NAIL agency in its place.

It would make my job more difficult having to go through the scores of potential responses in each of 500 entries, but I'm willing to do what needs to be done. I'm willing to do the work as long as you guys are willing to take your zingers, that otherwise are only heard in your living room, and submit them here.

And put in your bid to gain a few bucks. Maybe if this works, others will do it too. In time, we can both build and finance our TEA Party independently.

I'm not the fastest wit on the web, nor sharpest tack in or out of the box, but I'm willing to try anything that might break this deadly stranglehold the GOP has had on keeping conservatism and classical liberalism divided, marginalized, and out of power.

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  1. ". I'm absolutely sure his being offered a bonus never added a bit of zip to his efforts in his life. NOT. LOL."

    You lost that bet. Being offered bonuses irritates me enough that I have quit jobs, and punched people. The lowest thing I know is a bribe, and the lowest people those who accept them.


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