Friday, May 13, 2011

Huck's Judgment

Mike Huckabee has launched a laudable campaign. His stated purpose is to provide parents with entertainment materials that would fill the void in their children's education about what is great about America.

Here is the initial evidence of this endeavor:

Up to this point, this has the appearance of a news blog -- merely laying out the facts.

However, this is an opinion blog. Many say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder.This cartoon presentation is trash. My initial reaction, when I first saw it at JWF, was as if I were addressing Mr Huckabee: "Not everyone who claims to be your friend is your friend."

After another comment appeared later that described this as "dorky," I decided it was much worse than that. The cartoon representation of Ronald Reagan is hideous. My cartoonist associate tells me that it was the wrong cartoon generation program: too rough, too loud. Technical problems. But I noticed something even more sinister. In cartoon movies, it is hugely uncommon for the hero to be shown baring his teeth. And when he does it's as he smiles, not as he talks. The villain is depicted with a snarl, and baring his teeth. Mr. Reagan's image barely looks human here. And in the short scene where he's speaking the famous "Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall," he's shown with jagged teeth, and very unappealing, unlike the real life image where he was smiling. I'm sorry. The producers could deny any ill intent. You may deny to yourself that they could have had any ill-intent. But I'm sorry: they can't pee in my eye and tell me it's only rain. This video is an attempt to trash the great legacy of Ronald Reagan. Those responsible deserve to be hung in effigy and be known as pariahs wherever they go.

In my opinion, the little video reveals that the whole venture is infested with hucksters who've taken advantage of those who backed the venture with good money. They targeted conservatives as suckers, and I can hear their pitch now. "Aren't you sick and tired of watching your values being trashed? Here's your opportunity to fight back."

This is indicative of trouble on many levels that strikes at every American who may have, in the past, only mildly thought they were under attack. Indeed, we have long been the victims of many who claim to be our friends who have been slipping knives in our backs. Arianna Huffington, David Brooks, Chris Buckley. You ought by now recognize that there is an all out assault on you and the liberties that are at the fundamental core of what has provided you such a cushy life.

But how can I go about making this case not just strongly, but convincingly?

For starters, I resisted titling this post with a strident alliteration. There are several nasty words that rhyme with Huck that would be suitably descriptive of his judgment in backing this project.

No, I think it best to let Huck himself put the stake through the heart of any who still dream he'd make a good president.

Here's his eager promotion for this money making operation in case you think he's not 100% behind this atrocity.

As you see, he's backing this whole-heartedly. I think it raises a whole host of questions.
  • Where is his common sense?
  • Did he even look at the product? 
  • Wasn't he even a little embarrassed?
  • Even if he lacks the cultural sense, what does this say of his ability to choose advisors?
  • Good money was poured into this project. Did Huck's name help raise funds?
  • What is his fiduciary responsibility, his moral responsibility, to those who he drew in?
  • Among the good money, how much stimulus funding -- our taxes -- was wasted?
  • If there were stimulus funds, how much editorial bias came from the Obama cronies?
  • Is there anything else Huck could disclose about this project that is not in the open?
Mike Huckabee is slated to make an announcement this weekend on his Fox News Channel show. It is rumored to be his decision about throwing his hat into the ring for the GOP candidacy for president. Let us hope that Mr. Huckabee has retained some good judgment that appears nowhere in this project, and declares he's not in the running**. 

**Updated 8:55 PM EDT May 14, 2011 is the time a broken clock got it right tonight.


  1. I didn't vote for him the last time he ran (as far as the Primaries go), and would not consider him this time around. He is much too in love with the "power and the glory" of the Presidential office. Afraid here is another former pol who would be better suited to stay right where he is at, behind a mic or as a speaker/panelist on one of the many talk shows out there.

    The same goes for Newt. He may have a sharp mind, and apparently (at least) understands the Constitution. But his bi-partisanship antics while in the legislative side of things, was anything but "seeking the best result for the American people", and more about stroking his ego. He, my friend, is well and truly, a SKUNC!

    Now if we start talking about Cain, West, Rubio, Buckmann, or even Palin (with some specific conditions regarding her), than we will have something of interest.

  2. And as you noted, it appears he is not going to toss his hat into the ring. One of the smartest decisions he has ever made. Now if Newt (and a few others) would do the same thing, perhaps we might see a candidate worth voting for win the primary. Time will tell.

  3. I've long wanted to draw up a cartoon of a concept I created long ago. It was in my old glossary. I call it The Ideological Corral.

    Huck and Newt and Romney and all the SKUNCs have been dragging the right side of the corral Left for a very long time. Us critters, not wanting to be moved, have dung in our heels. The cartoon frames I have in mind would demonstrate how those like you and I are longing for a leader who will break the right barrier wall and let us escape, leaving the old guard far off to the Left with their Dem friends. Right now it seems they know what we want and are planning to cut off our sustenance for not obeying the crack of their whips. So we're running out of time. We gotta know what we're praying for Guy, and I think this vision I'm talking about might help us to focus.

  4. It's a bit late tonight to post on this topic. But after work tomorrow, I may just pontificate a bit on this. And also on what is going on in Israel right now...not good, not good at all.


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