Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Agency of Lies (AoL)

Now that the former conservative owner of the Huffington Post also owns America Online, I no longer fear creating confusion using the acronym AoL for my rebranding of MSM as the Agency of Lies.

The Fourth Estate has been granted a privileged role in American governance. Press credentials are issued to members of the journalist class to provide the public a view of how well and/or honestly their public servants are performing their duties.

But the bulk of the journalism institution is now so corrupt, its apparatchiks think of themselves as part of the governing ruling class. They are known now to more and more Americans for supporting ideas they favor and ignoring, marginalizing or villainizing ideas and people they do not favor. But that's fine with them, because they feel that their audience is filled with ignorant yahoos -- mostly thanks to their malfeasance.  They are PROUD of their role in transforming many Americans into unknowing sheeple (or in Orwell's words, Proles). For me and my readers, their actions speak so loudly that we can hear it over their double-speak lies.

It really is up to us on the blogs and with the tweets to help get the truth out there. We should be the new Fourth Estate, each of us. But the press credentials are still reserved solely for recognized members of the AoL. Press credentials and the access to news makers they provide are currently given just to a closed club. This is NOT want the American Fourth Estate is supposed to be.

The only solution for us Americans is that we insist that trusted members of the blogosphere be granted press credentials.  It would seem that any block of say 25 or 50 readers (after all, this is a representative republic dammit) could insist that their favorite bloggers be granted this privilege, subject to open security reviews, at least to cover local events. And then build up credibility from there to move onto bigger and wider access.

And when such credentials are denied, then broadcast loudly to everyone you can reach how it PROVES that the entire MSM must be the AoL that I've been asserting they are. The hounding out of power of all these lying agents who effectively work for the government needs to have been done 20 years ago. Better late than never.

We need to clean out the journalism profession and start over with new members who gradually work to earn our trust.

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