Monday, May 02, 2011


NAILED would be News Arranged to Inculcate Lies Every Day. At least that was when daily newspapers ruled the news.

The more concise acronym for today's media would be NAIL since they do it relentlessly now 24/7.

Now I never liked the acronyms for our lying media (Ministry of Lies, Administry of Lies, or Agency of Lies) that I've stabbed at in the past. But I do like the acronym of

News Aimed at Inculcating Lies. 
It is so damn descriptive is it not? (You could also use Arranged to Indoctrinate if that floats your boat.)
Have you been NAILed lately? How did you like it?
And last night, the NAILer in chief arranged to commandeer the air waves at 10:30 PM EDT -- and then was over an hour late. There is no sound reason to delay a 15 minute speech that could have been delivered without fanfare in 2 minutes at a quickly called press conference the next morning given that the news event was already days old.

No, the purpose in arranging the hour and then delaying the big news would be clear to the target of the arranged hit. In any movie about the mob, most of the audience would catch on immediately. And just in case the few dullards in the audience (and Kevin Costner) didn't get the message, Sean Connery would explain "it was the Chicago Way."

But in this day and age of Political Cowering, "not so fast there Guido." So Let me put it to you nicely.

Dammitall folks. Bummer's purpose was to deliver the message in no uncertain terms to Donald Trump, whose hit TV show was known to be in progress at 10:30, "That is what you get for messing with the big dog." You've been NAILed Mr. Trump.

Subtle, like a hammer, for The Donald

And a special thank you to Joan of Arrggh! for reminding me of this photo yesterday evening.


  1. Thank you for pointing that out. I did not realize Trump's show was on at that time. I don't believe for a moment that that's a coincidence.

  2. OMG. That makes TWO of us. Let's start a trend!


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