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American: Why Do Your Rulers Hate You?

American: Why Do Your Rulers Hate You?

I believe the answer can be found in understanding that your rulers are operating under a yet to be (and maybe never) openly admitted "new morality."

But first: How is it that you, a sovereign in your own right -- along with every other individual American who are the legitimizers of your government, all of you -- will come to that time when you finally (are forced to?) recognize that you now have rulers over you instead of officials elected by you?

How is it that your rulers have grown to hate you?

The dream that inspired these questions, but has now faded, was so terrifying that it awoke me this morning and compelled me to jump up out of bed and write this.

I am saddened that I could only get this far today. It was all so clear up until I got to the point that I began writing this. (There is another small and vivid portion that I jotted down first and sent out to another who might help me understand it).

On the up side, I am amazed and glad I was able to get this far. Maybe the most terrifying thing about it -- what awoke me -- was that there was no open violence. It all came about, a rotten decaying situation, as a matter of the course of events. Right now. On-going.

I may have more, but I just don't know yet. I'm going back to sleep for a bit.

My dear fellow American: can you help me answer these questions?

Pascal (5:02 AM, May 1, 2011)

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I do not expect the professional talkers to steal this perspective except maybe to make the public feel there's nothing to worry about the danger we are in. It is part of the job description of a worthless POS double agent like Medved, but he is far from alone.

Thanks very much for the 3 quick comments Cond and Guy. There is no set answer to this question since it is hard to imagine in any person who still has any semblence of soul left. I imagine that the hatred must run as deep as is the darkness of the empty spot in such rulers. Nevertheless, keep challenging them to beg  to regain what they sold for so little of He whom may grant mercy to those making honest requests.

12:05 PM, May 1, 2011-- fixed the opening paragraphs to imply more clearly the following thought.
Our rulers have not announced nor openly admitted the moral code under which they find themselves feeling good about what they are doing. Since it places them above us, and in America that is not functionally possible under the constitution, they may never admit it.


  1. The eliitists, those who believe in their superior intellect over the hoi polloi, naturally despise the sheep who think that they are capable to run their own lives.

    So, they need to constantly remind us of our failings and how stupid we (who live in flyover country) really are. If only we would LET the elite rule our lives, would things get better.

    The more we fight this natural inclination, the more we sheeple are reminded of our inadequacies.

    All the elitists want to do is rule us, want us to depend on them and then all our wishes (the sheeple) will come true.

    But we know that is not true. As long as they CANNOT create a dependency within us, "they have no power over us".

    The eroding of our middle class and the destruction of our economy may be their way to create that dependency. But then, I'm now treading on conspiracy theory territory.

    But I do believe there are people in this country who want to create a ruling class. I think the Democrat Party, Academia and the Media are rife with them. Teh united States of America is one of the rare few people in the history of the world who has beaten the ruling class out of their 'rightful station'.

    They (those of that manipulative nature) want it back.

  2. I don't know if a government can hate its people. For they are soulless, and often-times mindless, entities. Imperfect bodies politic forme by the hand of man. Perhaps what we really have here is our own "Frankenstein's Monster"...where humans have yet again tried to mimic the hand of God, attempting to bring order out of chaos, justice and evenhandedness vice mob rule; peace, harmony, and tranquilly, instead of strife, avarice, and war.

    Instead of adhering to "God's Law" , the Ten Commandments, or adhering to the advice of Christ, in his amplification ;

    "But when the Pharisees had heard that he had put the Sadducees to silence, they were gathered together. Then one of them, which was a lawyer, asked him a question, tempting him, and saying, Master, which is the great commandment in the law? Jesus said to him, You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind. This is the first and great commandment. And second is like to it, You shall love your neighbor as yourself. On these two commandments hang all the law and the prophets" (Matt.22:33-40 KJV).

    We would be better off then we are now. (This assumes we get rid of the politicians, lawyers, and loan sharks.). But it appears people do not what it simple and straight forward. That there must be exceptions to every rule, shades of grey to every action, and written codification of same to justify their actions (or lack of action) for all to see.

    And so we have man-made law. To which follows an ever increasing amount of Judges and arbitrators to handle this man made mess of unnecessary adjudication. It follows, we need some sort of government to augment the Judges and the laws. Before too long we end up with what we have today.

    Am I kind of on the same page here? Or has this been an exercise in off the mark long windedness on my part?

  3. In short, those who "hate us" are those who know in their hearts they fall short of following "God's Law" (as do we all) but the difference is they either don't care, or seek to place themselves in such a position that allows them the opportunity to no longer have to follow same (or so they think). When you're empty inside, so morally corrupt and or bankrupt, you have to hate those whom you think (through no real fault of their own) or feel are better then you. Or whom you know in your heart of hearts are honor bound by a shared contract (In our case, the Constitution) to have power over you.

  4. Cond, it's no conspiracy when it is open to view. They may pee in your ear and claim it's only rain, but so far they do not officially reign over you, so they cannot demand you accept their claim as fact.

  5. What we are looking at is so dark Guy, you may be forgiven for speculating. You are trying to make a rational case for what would be irrational behavior if the people at the top were being honest. With the media having descended to the single most dishonest institution in the country, and their old job was to ask tough questions of those who rise to power, your speculation is honestly fueled by their lack of truth. That serves the anarchists and nihilists -- and those who believe they are so powerful that it is THEY who will arise from the ashes to rule. They think they are related to the Phoenix, and screw all the rest of us.

  6. Yes the media is derelict in their duty. But I wonder ... there has always been (especially in the print media) two or more sides given play. Using Chicago as an example, less then 50 years ago, they still had at least 4 competing "dailies" out there; "The Chicago Tribune, The Chicago Times", The Chicago Sun, The Chicago (Daily) American (an afternoon paper, if memory serves), just to name the first few off the top of my head. Add to that the Suburban papers (Examiner, Harald, Beacon Daily News, and others) and the weeklies, and those which were little more than fronts for the Unions, the Socialists, and who knows what else ... well you had quite the choice.

    If you followed a more (at that time a MUCH more) conservative stance, you subscribed to the Trib or perhaps the American. More liberal or Democrat in nature, the Sun or Times (and after they merged, "The Sun-Times") was your baby. What this did in a way, was keep them all "honest" to the extent they all reported the news, if only to either "scoop" the other fella, or to not be left out of the mix . And stories were "flavored" at least to some limited extent. But the real treat were the old editorial pages and the opinion columns. At times it was as close to the flame wars here on the net as you could get on a printed page.

    The advantage was that the consumer (especially the smart ones) would pick up a copy of say the Trib and the Times, and there by get both takes on just about any given issue of the day. Due to many factors, now Chicago (continuing the example) is down to 2 dailies, and one (may be two) weeklies. Both major dailies are little more than carbon copies of each other. The Trib in its current form would make it's former publisher, Col McCormick blow his stack should he see what it has turned into. As for the Sun-Times, I have seen more and more instances of, if not conservative thought, at least strong libertarian views showing up there from time to time. The once loud liberal voice of Chicago has more then once spoken out against their Democrat controlled city fathers along with the Dems at the state level. This would never have happened 50 years ago.

    In short they have become homogenized, which benefits no one. And brings them closer to becoming agents of the State. Add to this mix most if not all of your "journalists" (yes those are scorn quotes) have graduated from any number of liberal enclaves before entering any of the media outlets (print or mass), and you have a mix for disaster.

    Goldberg's "Bias" gives a very good understanding of what has taken place on the mass media side of the house, but I suspect the same is as applicable on the print side of things.

    We have no watch dog, in the media. There is no knight-errant on his trusty steed, heading off to do battle against all the evils of the world. To quest for the one story no one has had written ... yet. Now they are all gildings, emasculated, spineless. Following the crowd, the conventional wisdom, the current fad(s) of the day. And with no watch dog we end up with Obama (or Clinton, or McCain for that matter).

    Yes there are any number who are truly evil, but I am willing to bet there are just as many, if not more, who are being nursed along by their own personal "Screwtapes", not yet fully consumed ... just slouching toward Gehenna.

  7. Sheesh, just saw how long the last comment was ... you may edit at will Gridley!!


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