Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Herman Cain's Fed Ties

"Herman Cain, former Chairman and CEO of Godfather's Pizza and radio talkshow host" is how Fox News Channel* host Brett Baer introduced him to America at the first candidates debate.

Given its perceived influence in the political world, why was Mr. Cain's more significant chairmanship -- of the Fed Reserve Bank of Kansas City -- not mentioned?

Did you know? Do your friends know? Of those who believe Cain looks good, do they know? Mr. Cain became a member of the board of directors of the Kansas City Federal Reserve Bank in 1992 and was its chairman for about 18 months beginning in 1995.

During the debate, no mention of the Fed and its involvement in our economic malaise and inflation was questioned. Did the audience polled by Frank Luntz on Fox News immediately following the debate know of Cain's ties to the Fed when they declared him the winner of the debate? I would bet that the answer is nearly 100% "No."

New Media members: this is a bit of information that needs airing and Herman Cain needs to be probed about before he advances further in his quest of the GOP presidential candidacy. Surely the media will pound him on it after he is nominated. We need to cynically question Mr. Cain's role in and support of the Fed before the Left gets to do it.

Wait too late to test Mr. Cain on this connection, and the anti-Obama, anti-Statist American voters will not have a candidate we are happy with.

*The entire MSM is untrustworthy and appears to be silent on this subject-- for now. Just because Fox News Channel is more balanced than other news outlets, that does not it put its motives beyond question. FNC is a subsidiary of Newscorp. Its Chairman and CEO Rupert Murdoch is neither American nor in favor of enforcing our border with Mexico. FNC may appear to be less Leftist, but it still is operated with the approval of many of the same customers who sponsor the rest of the MSM Agency of Lies.

LOL: Less than an hour after I posted this, at 8:10AM PDT Glenn Beck began interviewing Mr. Cain on his radio program.

He asked, “You were a member of The Fed?”[emphasis by Mr. Beck]
Mr. Cain answered it cagily, saying that was in the days when "Alan Greenspan would not permit politicization of the Fed." Mr. Beck did not press.

Questions will remain here. For instance, Mr Cain was strongly against auditing the Fed last year presumably after it had been “politicized.”

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