Saturday, May 14, 2011

Modern Yes, Postmodern No.

So that you may understand what I’ve been fighting all these years.

I invariably use postmodern when referring to the trend, and use contemporary when I wish to refer to the now. I reserve modern to refer a thing or condition that came about as an incremental improvement over whatever preceded it.

The modern age was filled with the byproducts of the Age of Reason and the Industrial Revolution.
The postmodern age is what comes from permitting rulers to assign to all us subjects LIMITS to our seeking improvements. Postmodern portends the bleak future that our rulers intend for us.

My using the terms in this manner has not prevented others from maligning modernity when they use modern to refer to what the policies of “Progressives” Statists have done to our way of life, but at least I try to apply the terms consistently. From time to time I call others on their error when it appears they have simply failed to notice how newspeak has been creeping in, and -- surprisingly enough -- have often been received pleasantly.

Using postmodern to refer to this growing oppressive state then frees up modern to preserve the spark of that vision of seeking improved living conditions for all of humanity.

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