Monday, May 23, 2011

Simply Cuz The Agency of Lies Has Buried Bibi's Speech

Apparently the MSM Agency of Lies has buried most of Netanyahu's speech to AIPAC. I guess it would be harder to demonize him if people actually heard him. An elderly Jewish friend (he doesn't surf the Internet) called me and said that Fox mentioned it, then cut away. He asked me if I could find it for him and email the link. At least one of his kids is married into a family of raving morons and he's hoping to rescue him with the reality spoken of in this speech. Good luck.

And then I got to thinking: hey why not also post it here in case nobody really thinks about it.  So, here it is.

Too bad far too many Jews haven't yet figured out how much danger to them comes from the Left. But don't be too smug my friends -- it's a shame so many conservatives have not yet figured out how much danger to them comes from RINOs SKUNCs. Capice?

Maybe one day Jews will figure it out. But I don't see much hope. For some understanding, how many liberal Christian organizations have also been lost to Leftism? Christians who can't stand the fact that their own religious institutions have moved way to the Left (and just about abandoned all that used to make them God fearing) may have an understanding of how isolated conservative Jews must feel.

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