Sunday, May 22, 2011

What Would You Guess It Was?

Beginning just before 1 A.M. yesterday, the web crawlers started hitting my blog post Ayn Rand Loved Titans, Not Mankind?

Since that time I've had about 50 hits, the majority with the search term "Ayn Rand's Titan." (For some reason known only to Google, they place my post at the top. On other web engines I'm a bit lower.)

One guess it that this was prompted by a clue in a crossword puzzle. But most crossword puzzlers are pretty knowledgeable, so why would they have to use a web crawler to discover it was Atlas?

Could it be a contest on a late night talkshow host? But then why would the Googling continue into today? And they are coming in from all over the world.

Maybe I'll get lucky and one of the searchers may stumble onto this post.

Wazzup? What triggered this interest in who was the title Titan in one of Ayn Rand's novels?

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