Sunday, March 04, 2012

Time To Remember the Enemy's Chief Tactic

Rush caved to pressure and published an apology for saying what, IMHO, he should not have said. But once he said it, apologizing in this climate, Jeesh? All he cares about is himself? I expect it to be a disaster for all of us as the extent of that apology's ripple effect has the potential to be pretty much unbounded. Have you seen the crackdown that "free" Australia is facing?

As I pointed out yesterday, had Rush ceased trying to be funny and stressed how much of a tool the object of his scorn was, things would be different.

So today I give you a reminder of what the primary arrow in your enemy's quiver is. "SHUT UP!"

I've an idea. Ask Andrew Klavan to update this video ASAP. Better yet, is there someone else out there with the talent to do something like it? In support of an army of Breitbarts, lets see a few more Klavans.

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