Sunday, March 11, 2012

Which Is The Evil? Part 3: Silencings Stepped Up

Ann Barnhardt predicts that Catholicism -- the real thing -- will be forced underground. According to her report, a timid soul of a priest knuckled under to a single shouting protestor and did not deliver his homily for the week.
2. With regards to the homosexualist attacks on the Church, it is beginning. A homosexualist invaded a Mass in the U.K. this morning and shouted down the priest who was trying to read a letter from the local bishop on homosexual "marriage". The priest folded and didn't read the letter. (See item #1) People, this is going to soon be a staple at Catholic Masses. The enemy is launching combat operations. It will probably get to the point before the Church is totally schismed and the True Church goes underground that distribution of the Eucharist to the faithful will have to stop in order to protect Our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament from being profaned by the demonic homosexualists sent into Masses to disrupt the liturgy and desecrate the Eucharist. Go to confession and receive the Eucharist in a state of grace as much as you possibly can NOW while you still can, because we may have to go without receiving Him physically pretty soon in order to defend Him and show Him how much we love Him. -- Ann Barnhardt - March 11, AD 2012 7:22 PM MST

Regular readers know I've been warning in print since 2006 of attacks on practitioners of all Judeo-Christian religion, and that I have recently upped my commentary about related events as they unfold. In my opinion, those who have been promoting the notion of Sustainability as if it were an official religion (but they would not want that established while the constitution still stands!) will not tolerate any religion that defends human life at conception (or, with each passing day, at ever more points thereafter). The Catholic Church is the largest body still ostensibly doing that (to the extent that closeted pagans have not taken it over altogether as -- it seems -- at some institutions). Although I wish they were consistent and unflinchingly permitted justice to champion for all innocent human life (rather than being joined with the Leftists in obstructing the execution of murderers), I am willing to stand by them as they defend their conscience in this.

I also wish that they as an institution could be counted upon to continue defending their position half as good as I intend to. Miss Barnhardt, in item number 4 at the same link, seems to doubt they will. She sees them folding and not defending Christ as is their task. She is in a better position than I to understand the workings of the Church. I pray she is wrong in her assessment. I bet she does too.

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