Thursday, March 15, 2012

Scattered Dreams: The Unraveling of the Global Schemers

Some people complain of shattered dreams. I complain of the scattered variety.

Last night I dreamed that I discovered the key words that dissolved the callouses on the consciences of a significant number the world's top schemers.

The result was a resurgence of individual liberty world wide as various heads of bureaucracies were given orders to stop all work until further notice.

And as the days progressed, the pressure to conform to the new awareness began to spread, as Political Correctness began to swing the other way. The old Sustainability worshipers were suddenly on the defensive and fighting amongst their former colleagues who were ridiculing them for being such pagan throwbacks. It was like the words caused their masks to slip, and they were recognized as either murderers or as the instigators of murder. Murder of people. Murder of human advancement. Murder of thriving civilization.

My complaint is: I do not recall what those "magic" words were.

I only recall noticing how simply worded the phrases were. They were so obvious that I could not understand why nobody had stumbled upon them before. I called out in anger to God to tell me why He had clouded so many minds so as not to see it sooner. All I heard in response was the intensified song of birds greeting the rising sun.

I awoke with a sense of vitality I cannot recall feeling in a long time. And frustrated that I could not remember more of the dream -- scattered as usual -- so that I could share it better with you.

If only the ability to convey love for human life could be spread a fraction as easily as it emerged in this dream.

I wonder if this was inspired by something I ate or this by Og? Given all the weird things he dreams of which he suggests are brought on by his intestinal reactions, it could well be due to both.

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