Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Principles Must Revolt Against Principals

In Oh the humanity!, a examination of how the Left claims to champion interest groups but actually  harnesses them to an ideology or insists that they remain downtrodden, and one where mayor Bloomberg's actions provide an inhumane example, Wretchard concludes:
Perhaps history will ultimately judge that it was always the Left which after all waged the longest and most enduring war on women and on poor people; and that as a practical matter it kept women obedient servants to an ideology and the poor it kept poor. But nobody ever notices it because they keep saying “we’re on your side”.
Ah, now here’s a story that ought to help us NEVER forget that the Left is not only in the Democratic Party.

There have long been Leftists disguised as Progressives in the GOP since the late 1800s. They have incrementally achieved their aims by never admitting they were really pursuing them. Their job has been to run interference for the most radical Leftists who served as their avante-garde. Nobody with a full brain can honestly contest this any longer. And the GOP, the alleged party of opposition, still permits these incrementalists a cozy spot at the head of the table.

Who here needs reminding that Bloomberg bought himself onto the GOP primary Mayoral ballot all those many years ago and the NYC GOP voted for him in the primary simply because this Dem chose to wear an R and he was bringing his money and influence with him? And that charade was a repeat of what has gone on country wide since GHWB, where the GOP has given us one SKUNC after another as our “choice” to provide an “opposition” to Statism. And now they’re pushing Romney, another damnable SKUNC.

Principles will have to revolt against principals or there will never be a true opposition to the Statist advance. I believe it will be difficult, but I refuse to believe it is impossible.

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