Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Instead, the Principal Is Revolting Against Principle

Yesterday I posted Principles Must Revolt Against Principals. We've had "Progressive" Republicans as the Party's nominee since GHWB, and look at the mess we are in. The conservative base abandoned the 2008 swan diver and the independents figured they may as well give the unknown devil a chance rather than one from the party of devils they knew.

So what does the GOP front runner do the day after I post that? He lets his senior adviser admit he's full of hot air. Is that giving independents a real choice or a watered down version of the current president who is surrounded by Marxists and racists and haters of America?

So let's be honest here. The adviser is signalling a knife in the back thanks for any conservatives who fell for Romney and the rest of the unprincipled GOP (I’m looking at to you, Coulter), Romney must believe he’s got the nomination locked up to let his chief strategist say this.

Unfortunately for the liberty-loving of the world, should principled conservatives fail to get uncharacteristically active and loud before nominations are done, you are toast.

Principled conservatives, do NOT fail. The whole world is looking to you to act like your life depended on the outcome.


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