Saturday, March 17, 2012

The Tragedy of World Reaction to Evil

Lawyers for the patients say, “we believe this distressing case may be the tip of a very big iceberg.” -- a line from "Doctor Who?" at the Belmont Club.
The rot is much bigger than even these unnamed lawyers could have meant. That big iceberg extends well past healthcare.

In this story, the British bureaucracy stole a child from a mother by means of ordering a doctor to declare her insane. They paid him exorbitant fees to do so. Whatever fee the adoptive parent paid for that child I'd say was dwarfed by its cost to British society. Who could believe that societal harmony and confidence could be further trashed? I imagine that some evil counter-culturalists would be celebrating were they not too busy cooking up another outrage to surpass it. 

Who here is really shocked? It’s all symptoms of the consequence of Western culture being at the mercy of the tactics of the “Progressives.” They took advantage of knowing that because Western culture has the heart of true progress in it, that in the interest of allowing that mistakes will happen as new frontiers are conquered, they knew they could claim that whatever mayhem their machinations had wrought was a mistake, and plead “forgive us because we meant well ” in their kindly, Senator Palpatine voice.

So, with that inclination to forgive at their disposal, they advanced their line of attack. With each “error” (WW I, Great Depression, WW II, etc.) their tactics were easily morphed. So, pretty much without opposition, they undermined the West, and America in particular, by means, famously, of their two steps forward and one step back method of advance. Hence my choosing to call them Incrementalists so that the misnomer “progress” could be reclaimed. (But who the hell am I — so nobody followed my suggestion.)

These truly regressive monsters have been incrementally taking over every damned institution leaving each but a shell of its former reason for being. Human termites. But unlike termites, many are fully aware of the destruction they wrought. The only progress that matters to the Incrementalists is the accruing of influence and power on the road to world domination.

This story is horrific. But my guess to most who read of it, it’s mostly because it recounts the plight of a single individual. It’s appeal could be much like the Kony2012 campaign. There’s something monstrously cynical about stories like this that catch us emotionally but do nothing to really fumigate the termites. The Kony2012 video campaign centers on the emotions displayed by one boy’s experience of living under the terror of a NON-STATE actor, and specifically when he recounts the murder of his loved brother. But in the same continent, Zimbabwe under Mugabe is contemporaneously visiting worse on millions of his subjects and the world hears but ripples of it. This paragraph may be the first time many of you have heard of it this year, and some lurkers here ever heard of it.
I’m sorry for the lengthy tangent, but it is to a purpose. It is to remind myself as well as you what I thought when I read this post. Stalin, master psychopath that he was, shrewdly assessed how the world under-reacted to his millions of murders: “One death is a tragedy; a million just a statistic.”

The unconscionable ability of most people to shrug this off, lacking good leaders to correct them, will give you, Richard, years (how’s that for optimism?) of opportunity to write of more such incidents.

The Incrementalists, no longer really feeling the need to move in small steps (10-10 No Pressure — The Final Solution), are advancing their plans on a scale, that if not thwarted, will make Stalin’s murders look like mere tragedies.

God help us.

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