Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Principal's Limited Principles

The MSM Agency of Lies was feeding my doubts today. The local "conservative" talk radio Salem station, KRLA, continues to use one of the major network feeds for its hour and half hour news. [I think it's CBS -- I'll take careful note tomorrow and correct this to reflect that.]

They played a snippet of Romney's Illinois primary victory speech that I found troubling. So I searched for a transcript -- which I found at the WAPO "Election2012 blog." In turns out that portion that was played on the radio was near the end of Romney's speech.
"Each day we move closer not just to victory but to a better America. Join us."
The problem for me is knowing that Progressives of both parties would feel reassured in hearing those words. The term better America, coming from the mouth of a "Progressive" Republican, has proven time and again not to be acceptable to conservatives. And from what I hear from independents, it is quite likely not acceptable to them either. The vision of building a better America is always the argument of the Leftists and Statists. WTH is wrong with the American ideal that have been more and more abandoned by the Statist advances of the last few decades? Why did Romney not say, as Reagan would have, "not just to victory, but to a restored America?"  Wellllll, Romneybots? It's because this guy is a PROGRESSIVE. Restoring America is the last thing that ilk has in mind. Any move that does not give them more power is NOT progressive.

But I wanted to give this candidate the benefit of the doubt. The media is far happier with Obama than Romney, so any sound bite they play will quite likely be disingenuous simply because that is what they do.

So I went and found the complete transcript just to find out what Governor Romney said in context. While there was some meat still thrown to conservatives, I was still not happy. The reason was that Gov. Romney spoke of principle only twice. And in both instances he limited that to "economic principle." Is economics the only principles that conservatives care about? Hell no you damn pretender!

"The American economy is fueled by freedom. Economic freedom is the only force that has consistently succeeded in lifting people out of poverty. It is the only principle that has ever created sustained prosperity."
"This November, we face a defining decision. Our choice will not be one of party or personality. This election will be about principle. Our economic freedom will be on the ballot." [Emphasis added]
There have been so many illegal moves by the current administration, everywhere from Fast and Furious to attacks on personal liberaties by the Interior Dept and EPA in violation of Constitutional limits. But this clown doesn't want to challenge the Bummer on all those illegalities. How the hell is he any different from the last GOP swan-diver, Jaun McLame?

Principled conservatives -- please stand up!

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