Monday, March 12, 2012


  1. Republicans Now Evenly Divided on Whether Afghanistan War Has Been Worth Fighting  -- Given from the start the enemy-favoring rules of engagement (thanks to W and made worse by the Bummer), it is gratifying to know that there still are many sane people in the Republican Party. Not that the party deserves such decent people as would say "What sort of rat bastards would put our young people into a no-win situation like that?" Were God to intervene on their behalf, He would take out the whole rotten bunch of those under the "Progressive" regressive thumb so that conservatives could be free to choose afresh real representatives.
  2. The race is homo sapiens. There is no race called homo sexuals. We are top heavy with people who, in the interest of Sustainability worship, have been promoting lifestyles that lead to less procreation and shorter life spans. If the few radical homo sexual Leftists want to label anyone as racists accurately, it is the leaders in the ever-growing and insatiable Statist leviathan that claims to be their friend but is using their unhappiness as a tool to aid them incrementally decimate the race of which the gay are but a subculture.

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