Friday, March 23, 2012

Progressive Talk Radio -- Wolves Pretending To Be Sheep

I have had enough. Of Michael Medved, of Hugh Hewitt, of Dennis Prager, of Michael Savage. In that order I have listened to them engaging in a subtle press to get conservatives to believe that Romney is our only hope. In the case of the first two, I watched as they created fear so that conservatives backed the carpetbagging Kennedy stooge, Arnold Schwarzenegger, which led to the demise of California and the blame placed on Republican conservatives.

We must fight back. Don't let them do this to the whole country, again. Fight.



  1. Thanks for the reminder Ed.

    It is what these talkers ask callers critical of Romney in order to change the subject. It's bad politics to have each call ending being critical of their candidate. It provides them a way to change the focus of the caller and then dismiss the call from there.

    The fact is, if in November it is Romney v. Obama, we will have screwed ourselves. If Romney critics simply answer that way and hang up, it really will piss of the hosts. We keep doing that, call after the call, or if the hosts begin to ban REAL Romney critics, this facade of them being cool unravels.

    Also, the talkers ask this as a way of stoking fear in us. "You don't want to identify Romney's weakness so we don't help the Dems, do you?" Like the Dems can't do it alone.

    See -- that alone proves they are "progressive." Just like the members of the more open about intentions members of their movement, the radical Left, they think the conservative base, indeed all Americans, are stupid.

    There are many more Americans who all just want all these political manipulators to take a long walk off a short pier.

    What is the name of the societal law the observes "that which is not dedicated to conservativism will be taken over by the Left" if it has a name? (Like Gresham's Law, bad pennies drive out good.) This would appear to be a violation of that "law."

    But has "conservatives" talk radio ever really been controlled by the Right? They sprung up, after Rush, in many liberal affiliate stations like ABC's. Financial gain allegedly was ruling this outcome. However, the FCC rules the licensing. So it may simply be an illusion all along. And now the LA City Hall has started banning speech on talk stations in the city where some of the most vile words and whole movies originate. That's an example of who is ruling -- they who make the laws, especially laws aimed at a single segment of the industry.

    I'm contemplating a way of striking back in kind against members my city hall. They want us to boycott stations they don't agree with now or in the future? We need to boycott Los Angeles NOW for this action alone.

  2. As I implied in our chat today)Sunday), what do we boycott IRT LA? The big industry "in town" (Hollywood)? Most folks of a conservative bent probably don't frequent the theaters all that often, to really make a difference...they don't cater to that crowd (anymore). What other industry(s) are there? Tourism? Hell, other than to see family out that way, I would not give the whole state the time of day. So how else do you boycott a city/megalopolis? As far as boycotting radio personalities, there is the usual tactic of letting their advertisers know of your displeasure with the content of their respective shows. But if they are commanding a large enough chunk of their respective market(s), there will be other advertisers chomping at the bit to get air time on that particular show. (Rush as an example) The smaller fish will have to have the folks out in their respective listening areas turn off their shows in large enough numbers to have their ratings head south...that would seem to be the only solution....and even that is temporary. There will be other voices in the wings ready and willing to give it a shot.

    Not against your idea or position, just wonder if it is workable.

  3. I do not know if it workable Guy. I simply posed the idea. But it is also necessary to say that the LA City Council position is both hypocritical (because they're fine with perverted Leftist speakers like the Occupy scum) and self-serving (local talk radio is the only public place that the city council gets excoriated. The LASlimes is behind most of those graft infested bozos.)

  4. I am not surprised that the LA Rag is behind your local cockroaches. Would expect the same out of the local television stations as well. And btw, it appears Eternity Road is going to be no more after the first of the month. And so another strong principled voice becomes silent.


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