Tuesday, March 06, 2012

As I Said, Sandy Fluke Was A Tool

I am very pleased to see that there are accounts in print that relate how Sandy Fluke was staging her act in front of Congress, and her subsequent outrage in the media.

 I give you Limbaugh and Our Phony Contraception Debate: A student demands that a Catholic school give up its religion to pay for her birth-control pills.

But C'mon people. It was pretty obvious from a common sense point of view that it was agitprop from the start. (Meaning it didn't require a federally funded study to figure it out). And the media's subsequent lionizing of her behavior was simply typical fare coming from the Agency of Lies (AoL). All to aid the fellow Statists in the Obama administration and Congress whittle away by one more increment your protections from government infringing on your inalienable rights -- in this case, freedom of conscience.

It's your job to continue to tell our friends and relatives in the best way you know how, how the AoL will frame every debate to direct our attention away from anything that sheds light on the various ways they wish to enslave the rest of us.

I have a standing offer of $100 to the first person who can recover from the memory hole a specific NPR broadcast of a National Press Club meeting, circa 1988-92. It is the one wherein every speaker proclaimed the need for Americans to suffer under Draconian rule. We are witnessing the jaws of the vise being closed. Or if you wish, you are seeing us being fit into our harnesses. And still too many people trust the AoL to be unbiased. C'mon people. Help wake them up.

That recording and/or transcript of that meeting is a smoking gun. Find it and become a hero -- and accept from grateful me the small honorarium of a hundred bucks.

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