Monday, November 22, 2010

Day 8: Obama's Alleged Competentence: Where's the Beef?

Well, here it is Day 8 since I launched my campaign of inquiry.
President Obama: What competence have you to prove to the world how you are not The Dilbert Principle President?
And today I have evidence, provided by Libsarenavelint who posted at Neanderpundit today a link to a Dick Morris column Who Is Barack Obama?

Once again the title, rather than the substance of the column, is more in the direction I'd like to see popular "Right" columnists go.

Mr. Morris begins his review of a recent Bill O'Reilly book asking who the Prez is. And then he gladdens my heart when he writes of Mr. O'Reilly:
...He lambasts the president's management style, but never his core beliefs.

But then he does not take the inevitable next step and call into sharper question the man's intellect and ability.
Oh wow, finally. Right?

Sadly no. The next sentence reads:
After all, the alternative explanation -- that he's dumb -- lacks credibility.
Mr. Morris' argument is that Mr. Obama pulled together this great campaign, so there's his intelligence for all to see. I'm sorry Mr. Morris. The man relies heavily on his teleprompter to put together his words. He is carefully shepherded by his staff from too many ad hoc interviews to say nothing of the man's complete avoidance of hostile questioners. In far too many instances, this man of words can't find any when he either lacks his teleprompter or it malfunctions.

No Mr. Morris, the man could very well be what so many dare not conclude, but which is a very strong possibility. Mr. Obama is a carefully controlled puppet. He could very well have no significant intelligence. This is why this campaign I'm pressing is so important. That is the strongest explanation as to why all of Mr Obama's past records -- not just his original birth certificate -- are carefully sealed, and he spends tremendous sums of money to legally keep them away from prying eyes.

Come on Right bloggers. We've got to press harder!

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