Thursday, November 18, 2010

Day 4: World, What Competence Has Obama Ever Demonstrated?

What a bunch of hacks we have in journalism. Journolists all. And some of the Right wing blogs are not off the hook either. Facetious remarks and sarcastic commentary, sure. Obama's behavior satirized in cartoons and skits, sure. That's become way too ineffective folks. As the Left constantly demonstrates, they can pervert ways to read sarcasm so as to see only what they choose to see.

Why has nobody yet found the nerve to repeat this question?

Mr. Obama: what significant achievement demonstrates that you know what it means to be competent? To what achievements can you point  that demonstrate your personal competence besides running your mouth with a teleprompter as crutch?

President Obama: Please demonstrate to the world how you are not The Dilbert Principle President.

It's bad enough I failed to put the thought to words sooner, like back when he was running for President after he'd clinched the Democratic Party nomination. But what is preventing others on the Right from picking up on this campaign. Are you all waiting for when the Left feels they haven't gotten enough out of Obama, and they decide to throw him under his own bus? Are you waiting for the Left to ask this question? I really don't think anyone will like the outcome if this question starts coming from the Left unless the Left has first been thoroughly embarrassed by the Right.

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