Monday, November 22, 2010

Push Back Now Or the Fight Later Will Be Worse

Today, in response to The price of a life in NZ? About 18 months at Crusader Rabbit, KG's coblogger, Redbaiter, opined on the continued incompetence of the New Zeeland system of justice.

This is my advice regarding about what to think of,  and how to react to, the degradation creeping into all Western courts.
For someone such as you or me, incompetence would be the correct charge Red.

But it's not incompetence when a killer can be viewed as an aid to the angel of death -- as this short prison sentence demonstrates.

When CS Lewis wrote in 1943 of the gradually more inhuman behavior we'd see come down in the democracies, he said it would start with a less brutal face. Then as Western decadence proceeded, their means and ends would become indistinguishable from that of the fascists he was fighting at the time.

The battle to come will be all that much worse the longer the uncertainty hangs over a critical mass of minds of their need to push back to survive on a personal level. Individuals must learn to work together and defeat the dissension constantly being sown amongst us by those seeking world power. The Statist open toleration of radical Leftists,  and fostering of seeming squeamishness in meting out justice, is an illusion that have "liberal" minds believing we "harsh and cold and prudish and theocracy-seeking" conservatives and classical liberals are the enemy.

There comes a time when  it slowly dawns on the liberal mind that it is not the Right, but the sly, Leftist-coddling, power seeking Statists who are the enemy of all. It behooves us all who see this spark of recognition arising in the liberal not to berate or make fun of the liberal, but to use that oppportunity to try to break through.
Almost everything on this blog has been an investment  in trying to find new ways to break through. "The second great commandment is almost as important as the first: Love thy neighbor as thyself."

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