Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Day 3: Obama, What Competence Have You Demonstrated?

I'm still expecting answers:
President Obama: Zero
Mainstream Journalists: Zero
Big Bloggers: Zero
Blogs in general: 2

What is the answer to this question that no mainstream journalist ever asked him.

What significant achievement demonstrates that you know what it means to be competent? To what achievements can you point  that demonstrate your personal competence besides running your mouth with a teleprompter as crutch?

Please President Obama: demonstrate to the world how you are not The Dilbert Principle President.

As one commenter noted succinctly:
"Truth to tell, Obama is the poster boy for incompetence."

Mainstream journalists: Fill the vacuum you have left hanging out there. Provide us the evidence of Obama's great accomplishments.

What about the rest of the blogs? You are going to continue to let mainstream "journalists" duck their responsibility in saddling us with this disaster? Let's hear this question from more blogs.


  1. Can't answer the question, but if anyone can, I bet its not up to one tenth of this list.

  2. Red, I remain neutral regarding Sarah Palin because of some of her squishier accomplishments, one of which found in your list.

    "Governor Palin implemented the Senior Benefits Program to support low income seniors."
    Charitable influences are easily corrupted by govt. While it steals from and undermines private charity, it divorces the recipient from any sense of gratitude for the giver (who's been raped) and replaces it with a sense of entitlement and sense of gratitude to the raper (govt). As the small government advocate that you are, I'd imagine you feel the same. And that's in only one area where her resumé brags of such "accomplishments."

    Nevertheless you raise a damn good point. We know far more about Gov Palin and her pre-govt and in-govt accomplishments than we know of many others in the national spotlight, and thousands times more than we know of the lap dummy who the establishment maneuvered into the oval office.

    The existence of Sarah's list starkly demonstrates the need for this campaign I'm promoting. Minitrue and its apparatchiks need to be embarrassed more than Obama. As journolists' deficiencies become more exposed, the faster Obama and his puppeteers disintegrate, and the better for America and the world.

    Take a look, I was one of the earliest (Sept 6, 2008) to recognize Palin Derangement Syndrome. And not much later I focused on the double-teaming by Minitrue and its fellow travelers (Left and "Right") when I labeled what they were doing as The Emmanuel Goldsteining of Sarah P." They were using 3 Alinsky rules simultaneously here. They used Mrs. Palin to personalize the opposition and upon whom to focus their hatred. And that is something their forces enjoy doing, and it works against us because we on the Christian-influenced Right loath to retaliate in kind because it's against our rules.

    I surely hope that will convince you that we on the Right have to be aware that the Shadows on the Wall have invested so much in controlling the globe, they are almost certainly heavily enmeshed in various segments of the opposition to their control.


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