Sunday, November 21, 2010

Day 7: Has Mr Obama Ever Proven His Competence?

Where? Where is the proof that Mr Obama ever has experienced earned success? That he has personal knowledge of what makes one competent? Where? When? How? With all those school records and Harvard Law School papers under lock and key, how competent could Obama ever have been?

Where's the Beef?

I've been asking this question for a week, and I finally got a well-known, Right blogger to come up with another title that fits this subject. Unproven by Richard Fernandez at the Belmont Club.

Well, the title is suggestive at least. In the right direction as it were.

Well, back to the task at hand.
Mr. Obama: what significant achievement demonstrates that you know what it means to be competent? To what achievements can you point  that demonstrate your competence besides running your mouth with a teleprompter as crutch?
President Obama: What competence have you to prove to the world how you are not The Dilbert Principle President?

***Welcome readers. The Dilbert Principle President explains how this campaign came about and why the attribution needs to come from the Right (filled with competent workers) rather than from the Left (filled with overschooled incompetents) who'll botch the recognition.

In Nutshells
The Peter Principle The Dilbert Principle
Managers move up in any hierarchy until reaching their level of incompetence. Managers are placed at their level  of incompetence having no inkling of what is competent whatsoever.

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