Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Statist Motto

I've been saying something like this for awhile now. And then it occurred to me that the motto of Saul Alinsky's Rules for Radicals could best be summarized as follows.
The only thing truly progressive is the next trick that gains us another notch of power. -- Saul Alinsky
Tactical Usage:

You and your friends are at some community meeting.
Typically, politically correctness will be imposed upon those who are speaking or those who want to speak.
When the master of ceremonies or some such in charge attempts to suppress what you or an ally are saying, using interruptions or out of orders, you or any of your allies can begin
"trick. It's a TRICK. Stop pulling your stunts. IT'S A TRICK."
If the MC asks "what are you talking about?" You have your opportunity. Answer
"by suppressing opposition to your wishes, suppressing differing opinions, is just a trick so that you can get what you want."

If the MC still ignores you or continues to suppress you, one of your allies in the room shouts the question:
"What's a trick?" then another
"What sort of trick?"
 Get the room chanting so that you can break the lock the MC is imposing on the discussions by answering the chanters.
"She's being dishonest here. It's her trick so she can win.
By suppressing opposition to her wishes, suppressing opinions differing from hers and those who put her on her pedestal, it is all just a trick so that she can get what she wants."

You do not have to be Politically Correct Politically Cowered any longer. No more do you need to knuckle under to their tricks. Be the free American. All those veterans we salute today fought in wars so you could be. The best salute you can give them is to stiffen your spine and fight back against your oppressors.

You have a tool here. Be unafraid; come prepared; come with friends. Use it and whatever variations works best under the circumstances. Break the Progressive corrupt strangle-hold on political decisions that affect your life and the life of your loves ones.


  1. "by suppressing opposition to your wishes, suppressing differing opinions, is just a trick so that you can get what you want."

    Of course, the best answer to this tactic isn't "No I'm not", but "Uh ... yeah. That's why I'm doing it." Give 'em a "right on, Captain Obvious," and all that righteous indignation goes right out the window (or escalates -- either way, the important thing is for you to remain calm and above it all).

    "Sit down and don't be stupid" would work,as well.

  2. (The above is of course written as a response to being on the other side of the outlined tactic, since it's also a favorite of the other side -- "I'm bein' oppressed, I am ... ")

  3. You understand countermeasures very well. You and your friends would have counter-strategies for each response. The important thing is that you are onto their tactics and are no longer politically cowering.

  4. If my congresswoman hadn't refused to hold any townhall meetings, that would be a very effective tactic - and loads of fun as well.

    But Corrine "Go Gada" Brown only appears at venues heavily weighted with her supporters, and never announces in advance where she is going to be! I figure it's done Sunday morning in all the black churches in her district.

    So unless folks of my political ilk are willing to go visit the Greater Ebenezer Mount Zion Congregation of Holiness and Love (and Fried Chicken Emporium), then her few public appearances aren't attendable.

  5. Gunny. You can attend more local townhalls and start to take back the local govt. If you can control the local govt, you have a better chance of preventing voter fraud, If you can affect the state govt, then you can also affect redistricting.

    The Leftist/Statist cabal worked over the long haul to get where they are at now. Common sense, awakened to the tricks they've played to get there, can force the crooked back into alignment with what is right sooner.

    Work like your life depended on it not to let things get anywhere near as bad as they are here in Los Angeles. I'm surrounded by zombies and I'm telling you I would have done more were there someone out there teaching me the lessons I'm teaching you.

  6. It's very sad that the Occupy Movement made use of this idea and improved on it through their top-down organizing and made effective use of "mic check" to get things rolling.


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