Thursday, September 19, 2013

Update Contempt from Unexpected Sources

This is the third in a series of emails I've received from Heritage. (The second, which was like the first which I have already discussed, I ignored).

Dear Pascal,

Without leadership, nations crumble.

Yet today, our nation’s leaders too often fail to lead. They are too often feckless, subject to the winds of public opinion.

Unless we hold them accountable to our Constitution and to the conservative principles critical to our nation’s success, we will slip deeper and deeper into an economic, moral, and spiritual decline.

The Heritage Foundation is willing to fill this leadership vacuum and lead the fight to restore America. And I believe you have what it takes to stand alongside us.  

The Heritage Foundation is calling 500 strong, committed conservatives like you to join our exclusive Leaders Club before September20[ IOW: SEND MONEY!]

Your support has already made a difference. Just yesterday, Congressional leaders announced their support for a plan -- championed by Heritage over the objections of the Washington Establishment -- to defund Obamacare.

But this isn't the end of the fight. We need people like you who will lead based on principle, not popularity . . . who will commit to the conservative cause month in and month out.  

 [IOW BE A GOOD LEADER (laughter stifled) AND SEND MONEY]

Thank you for standing with Heritage in our fight to get America back on course.
Jim DeMint
The Heritage Foundation 

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