Monday, September 23, 2013

No, Not Stupid; The Complicit Party

I get so tired of needing to point this out. Ace will turn blue in the face before he utters the words Complicit Party, no matter how much evidence he presents demonstrating it.

Why It's Called "The Stupid Party": GOP Turns Fight Against The Horrors Of ObamaCare Into A Process Story

You know why the GOP loses a lot? Because it deserves to.
Yesterday a bunch of Republican Senators went around to the various Sunday shows and instead of talking about why it's imperative ObamaCare be repealed because of the damage it's doing, they decided to make it about how much they hate Ted Cruz. Some Republicans went as far as to offer Fox News Sunday Host Chris Wallace what he termed, "opposition research" on Cruz. 

His point is valid about what would be stupid if they really were on our side. But all evidence suggests that we cannot afford to think those who are smart enough to attain the power and position they now own can ONLY be stupid on life threatening laws. Once it's happenstance, twice it's coincidence, thrice it's enemy action.

Look even Ace shows he does understand the problem by ending his post with "There are only a couple of ways the GOP can possibly lose the House next year. A shutdown isn't one of them but completely demoralizing conservatives certainly could."

Ultimately I cannot make headway on this alone. I will try, but that is far from the same thing as succeeding. More smaller blogs need to say this -- "No, not the stupid party; the complicit party"-- when they report on the next bit of evidence supporting it. Only in that way do we stand a chance to rid ourselves of Prog Republicans once and for all.

An Obama hack at The Politico equated men like Senator Cruz to scorpions:
"I am not talking about the entire Republican Party. I am talking about a faction of far-right, tea party-driven congressmen who do not care who drowns."
See what this implies? The Left knows and needs to protect the SKUNCs who work with them to undermine America. As the TEA Party members get hit from both sides, help make other patriots see how these SKUNCs are complicit.

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