Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Contempt from Unexpected Sources

This time it is the Heritage Foundation and a letter from its head, former GOP Senator Jim DeMint.
Subject: Lead the way

Dear Pascal,

Are you a true and committed conservative leader? Do you want to be? 
Followed by more attempts at sounding appealing. And, at the closing, above link is again offered.
This is what you find at the link as of the time of this posting:

How you can be a leader who will change the course of the conservative movement

Our nation is under siege by big-government liberals who work tirelessly and deliberately to dismantle the foundation of our great country.

We see the evidence of the liberals’ work in the federal government’s over-reaching regulation, out-of-control spending, skyrocketing deficits, and weakened national defense.

The liberals’ constant vigilance—and the left-wing drumbeat from their media allies—means that Heritage’s fight for conservative principles must not rest. To carry this fight through to victory, we must have principled partners who will stand with us along each step of this battle.

You can be part of the solution

To be prepared for this fight, The Heritage Foundation created the Leaders Club, a small cadre of committed conservatives who show their dedication to conservative principles by supporting the cause with a simple monthly donation.

Let me highlight the key words in that last portion on "how to become a leader" before concluding:
show dedication to conservative principles with a simple monthly donation.

Listen you schmucks: Send Heritage your money and leave the thinking to us big brains.

Great! That is the precisely the language the TEA party movement hears from the GOPe.

Crystal Clear: FUHF

BTW, I do not have HF's email recipient list, and I know they won't listen to any email I send them back.  That would be true even if I doesn't run up against an automatic "no-return-email" wall. So they have left me (FUPF) with this blog exposé as the only way I have to attempt to get through to them.

If you can see the contempt for us "proles" that this sort of emailing  implies, please consider doing something like this at your own blogs, or in comments elsewhere. It is really not so much that I am for revolting, it is that I find the Establishment revolting.


  1. Leaders in this world don't give money. The get money. That is the root of what is wrong with the whole enterprise.

    The old leaders had skin in the game.

    1. "The old leaders had skin in the game."

      Right. Whereas rulers impress your skin into their games. This is on the road to that. Hence conditions ripe for new leaders to arise.


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