Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Contempt for Us: Relentless

I received this email from the Media Research Center

Dear Pascal,
It’s hard to decide which is the bigger scandal: The IRS harassing conservatives or the liberal Soviet Style* media’s continued censorship of this shockingstory. [*fixed by PF]

In our relentless effort to blow the lid off the most shocking political scandal to hit Washington in decades, the Media Research Center has uncovered that ABC, NBC, and CBS are refusingto report the latest bombshell news that severely undercut the IRS’s case that the agency wasn’t politically motivated in its targeting of Tea Party groups. 

In a February 2011 email, Lois Lerner advised her staff that the Tea Party matter was “very dangerous” and insisted that “Cincy should probably not have these cases.”

And how do the leftist propagandists posing as journalists respond? By censoring this story completely.
I rarely sign these petitions. That is due to my personal discomfort that organizations like this do not request any sort of aid other than signing their petitions and sending them money. When the communication is only one-way, then it is categorically non-grassroots, and thus highly suspect. It smells too much of O'Brien. If your senses differ from mine, here is the link to their petition and entry into their pester you forever list. 

All we ask is that you sign our Stop Censoring the IRS Scandal petition to shame the liberal media into doing their job.

"Shame the liberal media SSM." ROTFLMAO


  1. The only cause I will support is the complete disbandment of the IRS. Let the feds find their blood money in some other manner.

    I delete all e-mails I am getting that pro port to express my indignation with the current crop of crooks.

    1. IMHO, eliminating the SSM is now the first thing we gotta do. Dick the Butcher's lawyers were minor players in comparison to the damage media inflicts. By dominating so much of what passes for news, it provides cover for how vastly damaging are lawyers and IRS and any other miscreant institution. SSM delenda est.


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