Thursday, September 26, 2013

Sunny Outlook On Obamacare

I've yet to see this young lady miss a beat.

Update on Friday, October 4, 2013.

Because the previously embedded link to Sunny Lohman's video loads as autoplay, I have finally deleted the embed and am only providing you with a link to the entry at the daily caller Daily Caller embed of Sunny's Outlook on Obamacare.

I will take the opportunity of this update to criticize Daily Caller for a number of things on this.
  1. This is the first of Sunny's video's whose audio sounds like it was recorded in a cave. 
  2. It's hard to hear her well. Horrible production values.
  3. The nature of their embed that insists on autoplay is, if it keeps up, going to run against their goal of increasing traffic to their site. It's okay to have the included ad, but they really ought to find some other way to direct traffic to them. I'd label this attempt as a FAIL.
  4. So far they have not made it possible to find her weekly videos easily. The only way I found her first week's video was by happenstance via another blog. Searching for "Sunny" at their site did not do it at the time I tried. I have not yet gone back to find this week's video, published yesterday.

1 comment:

  1. I finally got to watch Sunny. She seems to be spot on to me.

    We need to kick all the bastards out. Nothing less. And that might not stop the eternal slide.

    We are ignore the basic laws of entropy. All order tends to disorder.

    At this point OBamacare is a gone proposition. All you can do is not allow your information to be shared. And that might not even be true what with the malfeasance we have seen from our current group of managing monkeys.

    Bah. I need to get ready for a church service tonight. Helping some people kick their addictions. Maybe we should send the preacher to Washington and see what he could do,


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