Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Forced Against His Will; of the Same Opinion Still

I headlined this old maxim so as to provide South Carolina campaigners something to work with. I wanted to build something to provide an example of how to help voters expect what lies to hear from Lindsey Graham so they will reelect him.

Talkshow host Mark Levin sarcastically refers to the Progressive duo of Graham and McCain as "the same sex senators." Why?  Because they tend to be so close on Leftist policy issues, including redefining marriage, on most any  part of the Prog assaults on our culture and religious mores.

So for primarying Graham, I suggest looking at McCain's successful bid to hoodwink the conservative electorate of Arizona, and presume that Graham will attempt to do the same, and then exploit the similarity of the two men.

Based on the following story, it appears he has already begun to do so. For Graham in 2014, the Obamacare factor should still be big:

 Facing Primary, Lindsey Graham Now Supports Defunding ObamaCare

Yet, we all know from only months ago what he really thinks, and "a man forced against his will is of the same opinion still. "

For McCain for 2010, illegal aliens and border violence were big:
1. "Since taking a harder line on illegal immigration, the Arizona senator's future may hinge on whether voters see him as honest or opportunistic."
June 08, 2010 | By Mark Z. Barabak, Los Angeles Times
(Heck, even the LASlimes was skeptical): 
 2. Pressure on McCain was so great that he stooped to create this video.

Yet look at John McCain's stance today. He rails against all who expected him to honor his promise to protect our borders.
So, yes, "a man forced against his will is of the same opinion still." And, as evidenced by McCain's hatred for anything TEA party, there is hardly another man too who could be more bitter about his feeling being forced to pretend to be a servant of the public's will. How degrading, eh Johnny boy?

This is meant more as a demonstration than as any solid sort of campaign program. It was too easy to build.

Still, if South Carolina campaigners cannot come up with their own ideas after reviewing these facts, I'd not trust the campaign chairs. They've probably been bought off by the GOPe which they must think is the only thing that really matters. There are too many shadowy consultants for whom character, integrity, patriotism and honor are only words to be manipulated.

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