Monday, September 23, 2013

No Taxation Without Representation

Harry Reid said today
“We’re not going to bow to Tea Party anarchists who deny the mere fact that Obamacare is the law.” 

Hold on Harry. Now you are concerned about the law? What about the border laws? Immigration Laws? War laws that say the President can't arm terrorists as he's doing in Syria and did in Libya and Egypt?

Now you are "Mr Law is sacrosanct."

You know where you can shove your hypocrisy you pompous Prog.

Now lets get down to tax.

The only reason this damn law was declared constitutional was that the SCOTUS majority opinion called its key penalty a tax.

We are represented by members of Congress to decide when and if we will be taxed and by how much. The provisions in the law must be funded each year with our representatives agreeing to it. That is the point of the checks and balances. The House of Representatives is not the Senate that you rule.

At least on the face of it we do not yet live in a one-party ruled nation. Got that buster?

Who are you to call half the legislature and the people who gave them the majority anarchists? Project much buster?

It is YOU who is acting like only you and Obama are joint central strongmen of an anarchy, where you make the laws for others as you deign which you yourself will obey.

Because you have the nerve to show no deference or even simple respect (you damned radical!) to our representatives who tell you "NO. You cannot tax us for Obamacare" -- then FUHR.

Dammit TEA party patriots. Nail this bastard but good.
No taxation without representation. 
That IS the spirit of the TEA party.

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