Monday, September 30, 2013

Compelled Sterilization

In the bad old days of the early "Progressives," the eugenics program most often associated with  Margaret Sanger came under attack for its racism. It sought to sterilize those minorities it considered sub-standard and less useful for their utopian vision.

Naturally, they met backlash from many sources. So they redirected their programs to achieve much the same thing by indirect means.

Mostly they sought "voluntary" compliance. The sneer quotes are meant to convey the fact that they continued to hide their racism by speaking kindly to their targets and demonizing those who tried to warn the targets of the subterfuge.

Today we have new and improved forms of subterfuge that have made a mockery of the meaning of voluntary. Someone who is not yet fully developed and aware is hardly making decisions that in any reasonable way could be called "informed volition."

I call this newest form "compelled sterilization." It comes in the disguise of "sex-change" operations.

The pro-homosexual lobby (all radical leftists who may or may not include actual gay people as if that matters to the Left) has gotten state legislatures to prevent parents from protecting their children from the radical "information" supplied to children.

There are any number of arguments contrary to that agenda that we all would hear on broadcast media if that media also wasn't Leftist.

I am simply not that creative a writer to come up with arguments that I think could be provided the public.

But I am capable of seeing that sex change operations are sterilization by other means.

I'd like to see arguments that justify the headline Compelled Sterilization.
It just seems to me that if the homosexual lobby succeeds in
  1. preventing the opposition to their "information" from providing contrary information to children.
  2. preventing parents from protecting their children from making a choice instigated by having been convinced by that one-sided set of arguments.
  3. that any sterilizations that result are the direct result of other concerned parties being forced into both silence and being legally compelled from interceding.
I've got good, sensible readers. What can you add to this?

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